Soda straw heat shrink wrap.

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Fast food joints are a bit too expensive. So take advantage of some free shrink wrap tubing.


Piadini aka quesedillas

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Makes 2 units or eight quarter sections.


1 – cup flour.
2 – tablespoons oil.
1 – teaspoon salt.
1 – teaspoon baking powder.


In a bowl, Mix all the ingredients well.
Let sit in the fridge or cool place for 10 to fifteen minutes.

Heat a a pan to medium heat.
While you heat the pan, start rolling out the dough into large cicles.
(roll out, make a quarter turn, roll out, and repeat to the width of the pan.)

One at a time take each of the round circles and lay the in the hot pan (WITHOUT GREASE OR OIL).
Let set for 40 to 45 seconds. turn it.
Let set for 40 to seconds again, turn it
Let set for 30 seconds and remove from the pan.
Repeat with the other three pieces.

Set one piece and cover with your favorite cheese.
Take another piece an cover it.

Turn down the heat in the pan.  Put the unit in the pan till the cheese melts.
Remove and put on a serving plate.
Once both units are done, cut into quarter sections.