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Have not madetime to post for a while.




New Mapple life size iphone.

It will even dance with you! (and etc.)

Net neutrality?

Mapple presents:

Mapple presents the new NSA watch also known as the iWatchu,

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old cloud is snoring.

Another patent battle.

Rumor that Diet Smith as well as others are going to Texas to file patent suit against Apple.

Right to bear arms.



Texas computer room.

Cows is a Cluster of workstations
Several servers working together is sometimes know as a server farm.

The joy of multiplex.

Tech support!

Computerized black eye.



Superhero wanted.




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You do not have to use wifi sometimes.

Ethernet over power is a great way either to connect an extra computer to the network without running cable or trying to set up wireless. Plug in and go.  I especially like them, for use when I need to do something in the garage such as look up technical information so I do not have to go in the house dirty..

Server racks

Going back home.

Started out with Slackware in the 1990’s on an i386. Looks like I will be going back. Still have Slackware 14 on a Pentium I. The ultimate return on investment. Slackware 14 running on a pentium 1.

You can still get Slackware from

Available for download.

PC as a router.

 Openwrt is a very well known firmware for commercial routers. What a lot of people may not know is that it is available for the personal computer environment. In fact, you can find more about it here:

But now there is an offshoot of Openwrt called Gargoyle ( Like Openwrt, they both can run in a virtual machine! So you could run several routers all on one system. That is something so far you can not do on a commercial plastic router. Hopefully, I will be doing an install set up soon. If you can do the openwrt install, then the gargoyle install should be easy.

If you go to their download page, you can easily choose the right firmware to download for an X86 system. Linux users will want to have the software dd available to transfer the image to a drive. You do get a gui interface to interact with remotely like most routing software, That way you are not locked into the command line.

Gargoyle is only about 17 megabytes, so choice of media storage such as a compact flash drive very accessible.  Never tested this software, but it begs to be tested!



Two simple calculators

 Might me nice to have at your fingertips.Part of the code is at:

Usb to isa.


Home made fritos.


Good day.