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Ubuntu’s own server seem to have dropped the ball on security. Apparently, Apple servers did so also.

Why get an rf modulator, when you can use an old vcr.

Dear vendors: if you have to give an email address to get an item, it is NOT FREE.


Monitoring linux servers for beginners.

Wanted to have a no frills way to show what basic linux commands do without using or going to the command line. Slowly but surely the program is becoming more and more of a linux server monitoring tool. This is not the latest version, but you get the idea. This project is becoming more and more popular.  Could easly be adapted for the bsd based Apple operating. Sure it could me modified for the Microsoft based operating systems, but I will let someone else do that.

Also sort of becames a management tool for non linux professionals. for example you can get the amount of disk space available with a touch of two buttons. Letting management know when to budget for a larger hard drive.

You may just want to know what version of the operating system you are running. Time to upgrade yet?

Of course these menus are hidden from the public with only permissions for the appropriate personnel. To get more information about using this type of script see:


Had not used the Chumby in a while. Their cloud services are allegedly now defunct. Another reason not to acquire cloud only based devices. Fortunately, since the Chumby is open source, there are options to do other things with the unit.  Used it mostly with the web kit browser to access the personal cloud server. Check out for additional options for the Chumby. A bit outdated, also see



The simple drawing program.

Simple drawing programs can actually do many tasks in terms of art. For most diagrams, can be done without the fancy expensive software. One free program I like to use is Tuxpaint. There are many others depecnding on the computer platform you use. Of course you can do simple artwork.

You can even make prototype drawings like was done in drafting class such as a boat or even a cabinet.  Actually built both of the units.

You can even do simple electronics diagrams such as a connection for an adapter or say a connection of parts to an Arduino for a TV.out adapter.

Then you could use the drawing program to describe simple or even more complex processes such as making beer.

Last but not least, you could draw an interpretation of a local area network.

Hope you will go back and look at the simple drawing program your system uses and put it to work. If you can dream t, you can draw it. If you can draw it, you can build it.Look at all the drawings leonard Da Vinci has done.


More experimentation with ota hdtv antennas;



Friday July 26, 2013 is system administrators day.

Yes, take care of present and former (if you want to find out if there are any backdoors) system administrators.


Talked about using youtube-dl. For those of you who prefer to use gui only appplications, then consider Minitube.  it is very easy to use. I especially like the search feature. Like youtuve-dl, you can download the videos where permitted.

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Dallas had also established itself as the most innovative franchise off the field. It was the first to use computers in scouting,

Many companies will even use biorhythms to determine which is the best employee for a particular job on a particular day.

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