There is a boatload of games for linux..Wonder how many will play on the Raspberry Pi.
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Other Free Games

Table of Contents

  1. Game News
  2. Game Development Portals
  3. 3D Engines & Game Development Kits (from the Multimedia section)
  4. First-Person Shooter Games
  5. 3D Action/Strategy Games (excluding FPS and Simulation games)
  6. 2D Action/Strategy Games
  7. Simulation Games (excluding Sports)
  8. Educational Games
  9. Board Games (excluding Go & Chess)
  10. Go Games
  11. Chess Games
  12. Card Games
  13. Game Managers
  14. Console Hardware Drivers
  15. Console Emulators
  16. Console Hacks
  17. Inactive Projects

Game News

Game Development Portals

First-Person Shooter Games

  1. Cube (Multi-player/single-player FPS game which uses a very small & fast 3D game engine. License: BSD-style) (forum) (Cube-OSX Mac OS X port)
  2. Fight Win Prevail (SDL based, multi-player FPS game. License: BSD-style) (forums)
  3. QuakeSource (Quake v1 & v2 engine based FPS game projects) (forums)
  4. QuakeForge (Multi-player FPS game based on the Quake v2 engine.) (cvs) (ml)
  5. Blood (Multi-player FPS game based on the Quake v2 engine.) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  6. Open Quartz (Project to create free Quake game data) (cvs) (ml)
  7. Aleph One (SDL based FPS game) (cvs) (ml)
  8. FreeDoom (FPS game based on the “Doom” game) (forum) (deb)
  9. Doomsday Engine (FPS game based on the “Doom” game) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  10. Doom Legacy (FPS game based on the “Doom” game) (ml) (forum) (forum) (deb)
  11. ZDoom (FPS game based on the “Doom” game. Currently w32 only.) (forum)
  12. Hexen II (FPS game based on the original – Doom based – game by Raven Software.) (cvs)
  13. Industri (Single-player FPS game) (cvs)

3D Action/Strategy Games (excluding FPS and Simulation games)

  1. UFO Alien Invasion (Multi-player/single-player, turn-based style, strategy game. UFO is based on a modified Quake2 engine.) (forums)
  2. BZFlag (Multi-player, tank battle action game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  3. netPanzer (Multi-player, tank battle action game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  4. Scorched 3D (Multi-player, tank battle strategy game, inspired by the DOS game “Scorched Earth”) (forums) (deb)
  5. /Trackballs/ (SDL based ball steering game, inspired by the Amiga classic “Marble Madness”.) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  6. Neverbal (SDL based ball steering game. Steering is done by tilting the floor. The package also includes the Neverputt game, a multi-player miniature golf game.) (deb)
  7. TORCS (Racing car simulator game. You can program a racing car bot or drive it interactively.) (cvs) (ml) (TORCS Racing Board online racing championship organisation tool)
  8. Trigger (SDL based racing car game)
  9. Widelands (SDL based multi-player, ‘real-time’, settlement strategy game, inspired by the Settlers game.) (cvs) (ml)
  10. Boson (KDE based multi-player, ‘real-time’, war strategy game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  11. WorldForge (Multi-player, role-playing game framework and game projects) (ml)
  12. FreeDroid (Collection of 3 single/multi-player, role-playing games) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  13. Emilia Pinball (SDL based pinball game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  14. Pizza Game (C++/OpenGL/Ogre based Pizza restaurant management game) (cvs) (forum)
  15. Tux Kart (Linux mascotte Go-Kart racing) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  16. Slune (Linux mascotte racing game) (cvs) (ml)
  17. PPRacer (“PlanetPenguin Racer”. Linux mascotte racing game.) (forum)
  18. Mtp Target (Multi-player, ball rolling action game) (forum)
  19. Parsec47 (SDL based shoot-em-up game)
  20. Ultimate Stunts (SDL based car stunt racing game) (cvs) (forum)
  21. I Have No Tomatoes (SDL based tomatoes smashing game) (ml)
  22. glTron (Futuristic combat motor racing) (cvs) (deb)
  23. Armagetron (Futuristic combat motor racing) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  24. SkyStreets (SDL based space-ship racing inspired by the the M$ DOS game) (forums)
  25. Vega Strike (Spaceship combat strategy game) (cvs) (ml) (forum) (forums) (deb)
  26. Crack Attack! (SDL based Tetris variant inspired by the Super Nintend* classic “Tetris Attack”) (deb)
  27. Xbl (3D Tetris game) (deb)
  28. excido (SDL based, futuristic, spacership shooter)
  29. Arianne (Multi-player, role-playing game engine) (cvs) (ml)
  30. The Dink Project (Role-playing game and RPG game engine, based upon the original game by Robinson Technologies) (cvs) (ml)
  31. GemRB (Role-playing game and RPG game engine, based upon the original “Infinity Engine” developed by BioWare) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  32. CannonSmash (Tabletennis game) (cvs)
  33. Peinture (Multi-player, color puzzle game with several game modes available)
  34. Soccar (Single/two-player footbal played with cars) (cvs)
  35. TuxPuck (Shufflepuck game)
  36. 3D Pong (One or two player ball game inspired by the legendary Pong game from Atari)
  37. PANP (SDL based Pac-Man game with multi-player support) (cvs) (ml)
  38. CarTerrain (Multi-player splitscreen, offroad racing game)
  39. MiniRacer (Quake engine based racing game)
  40. Die (Deathmatch car racing game)
  41. Rubik (Rubik cube game) (cvs)
  42. FooBillard (SDL/Op*nGL based billiard simulation)
  43. BillardGL (Billiard simulation) (cvs)
  44. KBillar (KDE based billiard simulation which is highly customizable)
  45. Ballsmacker (GNOME/Op*nGL based pool simulation) (cvs)
  46. StepMania (Musical-rhythm game framework) (cvs) (ml)
  47. Briquolo (SDL based Breakout game)

2D Action/Strategy Games

  1. Battle for Wesnoth (SDL based, multi-player, turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting) (cvs) (ml) (forums) (deb)
  2. Globulation 2 (SDL based, multi-player/single-player, realtime strategy game) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  3. Frozen Bubble (Single/multi-player, SDL based color puzzle game) (deb)
  4. Fish Fillets (SDL based, comical, puzzle game inspired by the original Fish Fillets) (cvs) (ml)
  5. DROD (“Deadly Rooms of Death”. Dungeon exploration puzzle game. License: MPL) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  6. Enigma (SDL based, ball rolling puzzle game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  7. Pingus (SDL/Clanlib based game in which you help guide a bunch of penguins on their journey around the world. The game was inspired by the classic “Lemmings” game.) (ml) (deb)
  8. Stratagus (Military action and strategy game. Formerly called FreeCraft.) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  9. LGames (Collection of puzzle/action games, including: ltris, lbreakout, lpairs and marbles) (ml)
  10. TecnoballZ (SDL based Breakout game)
  11. Scramble (SDL based anagram puzzle game) (forum)
  12. Nil (SDL based, multi-player, ground-digging action game inspired by the Worms/Liero game) (cvs)
  13. Wormux (SDL/Clanlib based, multi-player, ground-digging action game inspired by the Worms/Liero game)
  14. Worms of Prey (SDL based, multi-player, ground-digging action game inspired by the Worms/Liero game)
  15. Outgun (Allegro based, multi-player, capture-the-flag action game) (cvs)
  16. Njam (SDL based Pac-Man game with multi-player support) (cvs)
  17. Atomix (GNOME based puzzle game inspired by the Amiga original)
  18. BomberClone (SDL based, multi-player, bomb placing/avoiding puzzle game, inspired by the AtomicBomberman Bomberman game) (cvs) (ml) (deb)
  19. Balder2D (SDL based, multi-player, zero-gravity action game inspired by the book Ender’s Game) (cvs) (ml)
  20. ColorSnatch (Two-player territory-capturing puzzle game)
  21. Abuse (Platform shooter)
  22. Critical Mass (SDL based Space shoot-em-up) (cvs) (deb)
  23. Crossfire (Role-playing adventure reminiscent of Rogue) (ml)
  24. Lost Labyrinth (Role-playing adventure reminiscent of Rogue) (cvs) (forum)
  25. Trophy (Racing game) (cvs)
  26. Vectoroids (Rock-shooting game similar to the arcade classic “Asteroids”)
  27. nInvaders (Ncurses based Space Invaders clone) (cvs) (ml)
  28. CrossFire (Role-playing adventure) (cvs)
  29. XBlast (Xlib based, multi-player, bomb placing/avoiding puzzle game) (ml)
  30. NetHack (Dungeon exploration adventure classic) (cvs) (forum)
  31. Xconq (Build, manage and conqueror civilizations) (ml)
  32. Final Frontier Trader (SDL based, single player, space-ship strategy game) (cvs)
  33. Star Control 2 (SDL based spaceship adventure/strategy game. This project is a port of ‘The Ur-Quan Masters’ to SDL.) (cvs) (ml)
  34. Exult (Role-playing adventure) (cvs) (ml)
  35. ASC (Turn based military strategy game) (ml)
  36. Arianne (Massively multi-player role playing game and engine) (cvs) (ml)
  37. FreeCNC (SDL based, military action and strategy game) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  38. XShipWars (Multi-player spaceship strategy game) (development site)
  39. Liquid War (Multi-player ‘eat your opponent’ strategy game)
  40. GTetrinet (GNOME based, multi-player, tetris-like game-client Tertinet) (cvs) (ml)
  41. Tetrinet (Ncurses based, multi-player, tetris-like game-client for Tertinet. License: none, it is public domain.)
  42. Quadra (Multi-player, tetris-like game) (cvs) (ml)
  43. XWelltris (Tetris-like game)
  44. Torrent (Tetris-like game) (forum)
  45. Krystal Drop (SDL based Tetris-like game inpired by NeoGeo’s ‘Magical Drop’ game) (cvs)
  46. LinXtris (GTK+/Ada95 based Tetris-like game) (cvs)
  47. Tunnel (SDL based tunnel-flying game) (ml)
  48. Powermanga (Xlib based shoot-em-up game)
  49. Icebreaker (Ice-breaking strategy game)
  50. Alien Blaster (SDL based shoot-em-up game)
  51. Crimson Fields (Realtime tactical war game) (cvs) (ml)
  52. Civil (Multi-player American civil war strategy game) (cvs) (ml)
  53. Space Hulk (Qt based, two-player, turn-based strategy game) (cvs)
  54. Sulk (SDL based, two-player, turn-based strategy game) (cvs) (ml)
  55. Attal (Qt based, turn-based strategy game in a medieval setting) (cvs) (ml)
  56. GNOME War Pad (GNOME based client for the play-by-email space conquest strategy game ‘VGA Planets’) (cvs)
  57. GalaxyHack (Multi-player, script-writing based, space conquest strategy game) (cvs) (forum)
  58. Xscorch (Two-player, tank battle strategy game, inspired by the DOS game “Scorched Earth”) (ml) (deb)
  59. Conquest (Ncurses based, multi-player, space warfare game)
  60. ADIC (‘Any Door Is Closed’. Cooperative multi-player strategy game. The goal is to lock-in all players of the other teams.) (cvs) (ml)
  61. Pathological (Pygame/SDL based puzzle game inspired by the “Logical” game from Rainbow Arts) (cvs)
  62. XLogical (SDL based puzzle game inspired by the “Logical” game from Rainbow Arts)
  63. MOAGG (“Mother Of All Gravity Games”. SDL based gravity-flying game inspired by the classics “Space Taxi” and “Gravity Force”. MOAGG includes a Qt based level editor.) (cvs) (ml)
  64. Wakkabox (SDL based puzzle game, where you need to slide the red-box to the other side)
  65. 2Pong (SDL based, multi-player, ball game inspired by the legendary Pong game from Atari)
  66. Rocks’n’Diamonds (SDL based clone of the classic “Boulderdash” rock-moving strategy game) (cvs)
  67. Epiphany (Clanlib based clone of the classic “Boulderdash” rock-moving strategy game) (cvs)
  68. Gweled (SDL based color puzzle game inspired by the “Bejeweled” or “Diamond Mine” game)
  69. Monster Masher (GNOME based rock-moving strategy game) (lxr)
  70. Cadaver (Client/server based AI realtime strategy game. Players need to ‘program’ an AI-client.)
  71. Galaxy (Email message based multi-player galactical strategy game) (cvs) (ml) (GalNG Tcl based procmail script to automaticially move turn reports and forecasts into a perspective directory) (cvs)
  72. Kpacman (KDE based clone of the classic “Pacman” game) (cvs)
  73. gav (“GPL Arcade Volleyball”. SDL based clone of an old game.) (cvs)
  74. Luola (SDL based cave flying spaceship shoot-em-up)
  75. kbilliards (KDE based billiard simulation)
  76. Formido (SDL based soldier shoot-em-up game)
  77. Castle-Combat (Multi-player, SDL based, castle-wall-attack game, inspired by the “Rampart” game)
  78. Kajaani Kombat (Multi-player, SDL based, space-shooting game, inspired by the “Rampart” game)
  79. XBubble (Single/multi-player, Xlib based color puzzle game) (cvs) (ml)
  80. Toppler (SDL based platform game, inspired by the “Tower Toppler” game) (cvs) (ml)
  81. The Bub’s Brothers (SDL based multi/single-player, platform game, inspired by the “Bubble Bobble” game) (cvs)
  82. Enigma (SDL based platform shooter, inspired by Duke Nukem 1)
  83. BurgerSpace (SDL based platform game, inspired by the “BurgerSpace” game)
  84. Afternoon Stalker (SDL based maze game, inspired by the “Night Stalker” game)
  85. Cosmosmash (SDL based space-tennis game, inspired by the “Astrosmash” game)
  86. SDL-Toms (Multi-player, SDL based puzzle game, inspired by the “Atoms” game)
  87. asciijump (ASCII-art based ski jumping game)
  88. GPC-Slots 2 (ASCII-art based slot machine game) (forum)
  89. Pycadia (Collection of Python/PyGame based vector-rendered games, including a clone of the classic “Space War” and “Asteroids” game)
  90. Scalar (Picture assemble puzzle game)
  91. gmult (GTK+ based multiplication puzzle game inspired by the Emacs based original)

Simulation Games (excluding Sports)

  1. FlightGear (Flight Simulator) (cvs) (ml) (forum) (FGSD FLTK based scenary design tool) (cvs) (ml) (Atlas Map design tool. Inactive project.) (cvs) (ml)
  2. GL-117 (SDL based Flight Simulator)
  3. FreeCiv (Multi-player, civilization simulation) (forum) (ml)
  4. LinCity (SVGALib based urban planning simulation.) (cvs) (ml) (old homepage)
  5. OpenCity (SDL based 3D urban planning simulation.) (cvs) (ml) (forum)
  6. OpenTTD (SDL based, multi-player railway simulation, inspired by the “Transport Tycoon” game.) (svn) (ml) (forums)
  7. Danger from the deep (SDL based, 3D, World War II German submarine simulation.) (cvs) (ml)
  8. SearchAndRescue (3D simulation of a rescue helicopter)
  9. JuggleMaster (Juggling siteswap animation creator)
  10. Jongl (Juggling animation creator)
  11. Celestia (Navigate trough our universe in 3D)
  12. Cubex (Web based Rubik’s Cube solver)

Educational Games

  1. Educational Software Portals (from the Educational Software section)
  2. Language (from the Educational Software section)
  3. Creativity (from the Educational Software section)
  4. Logic & Math (from the Educational Software section)
  5. Physical Training (from the Educational Software section)
  6. Computer Skills (from the Educational Software section)
  7. Childsplay (SDL/Python based collection of educational games for children) (cvs) (ml)

Board Games (excluding Go & Chess)

  1. Gtkboard (GTK+ based generic framework for creating board games) (cvs) (ml)
  2. GRhino (GNOME based reversi-alike game)
  3. Hexxagon (GTK+ based reversi-alike game insipred by Hexagonal Ataxx) (Ncurses based version)
  4. GNU Backgammon (GTK based backgammon)
  5. BacKgammon (KDE based backgammon) (cvs)
  6. Mah-Jong (GTK+ based Mah-Jong game)
  7. xmahjongg (Xlib based Mah-Jong game)
  8. Pente (Xlib/Ncurses/text based, multi-player, five-in-a-row’ game)
  9. Gamazons (GNOME based Amazon board game)
  10. TEG (“Tenes Empanadas Graciela”. GNOME based Risk-alike game with GGZ networking support) (cvs) (ml)
  11. WorDog (“World Domination Game”. PHP/Web based, multi-player, Risk-alike game.) (cvs) (ml) (forums)
  12. Gnocatan (GNOME based board game inspired by the “The Settlers of Catan” game) (cvs) (ml)
  13. London Law (Python/WxPython based, multi-player, game inspired by the Scotland Yard board game)
  14. gTans (GTK+ based Tangram puzzle game)
  15. Quadromania (SDL based ‘rotate-block’ puzzle game)
  16. GnomerMind (GNOME based mastermind)
  17. Mindless (SDL based mastermind)
  18. Gnect (GNOME based 4-in-a-row)
  19. monopd (Game server daemon for playing monop*ly board games) (cvs)
  20. Atlantic (KDE based monop*ly client for the monopd game server network) (ml)
  21. GtkAtlantic (GTK+ based monop*ly client for the monopd game server network)

Go Games

  1. Free Go software list (Links to all kinds of Go software)
  2. GNU Go (Text based, IGS/NNGS compatible, Go game client and server) (cvs) (ml)
  3. GtkGo (GTK+ based Go game)
  4. ccGo (GTK+ based Go client)
  5. glGo (SDL/OpenGL/wxWindows based, IGS compatible, Go client. glGo also includes an SGF editor.)
  6. qGo (Qt based, IGS compatible, Go client. qGo also includes an SGF editor.) (cvs) (ml)
  7. 3D Battle Go (OpenGL based Go game with network support)
  8. Go Siege (GTK+ based Go game variant, in which hundreds of players can compete simultaneously online)
  9. Hikarunix (DamnSmallLinux based live CD distribution dedicated to Go gaming)

Chess Games

  1. XBoard (Chess framework, with support for many different engines and GUI-frontends, several Internet chess servers, and the PGN game archive format) (ml) (wp)
  2. Scid (Chess information database tool, with support for the standard PGN and EPB game archive formats) (cvs) (ml)
  3. GNU Chess (XBoard compatible chess engine) (cboard Ncurses frontend) (cvs)
  4. Phalanx (XBoard compatible chess engine)
  5. Slibo (KDE/Op*nGL based chess interface, compatible with the XBoard interface) (cvs)
  6. eboard (GTK+ based chess interface, compatible with the XBoard interface) (cvs) (ml)
  7. Knights (KDE based chess interface)
  8. Sjeng (XBoard compatible chess variants playing engine) (cvs)
  9. BabyChess (GTK+ based GUI for viewing and editing chess games in PGN and FEN format) (ml)
  10. pythonchess (Python/Tk based chess program, aimed at practicing computer chess programming.)
  11. w3Chess (Web or email based chess program)
  12. chessdgm (Tool to convert a FEN chess position into a word processor diagram)

Card Games

  1. PySol (Collection of 200+ solitaire card games)
  2. Flowersol (Collection of solitaire card/puzzle games. Code fork of PySol.)
  3. KPoker (KDE based poker game)
  4. Hearts (KDE based clone of the M$ game)
  5. Floater (Tcl/Ncurses based bridge game client) (cvs)
  6. FreeDoko (4-player card game) (forum)

Game Managers

  • XQF (GTK+ based frontend for Internet game server browsing and connecting) (cvs) (ml)
  • KRconLinux (GTK+ based frontend for Internet game server browsing and connecting)
  • MAME Game Managers (QMamecat Qt based MAME catalog launcher) (KMameleon KDE based front-end for XMame) (ml) (CXMAME Ncursed based frontend for XMame)
  • Game Launcher (Portable and generic front-end for emulators like: MAME, Nesticle, RockNES, zSNES, snes9x, Callus, Stella, z26, and Genecyst.) (cvs) (ml)

Console Hardware Drivers

Console Emulators

  • Hardware / OS Emulation (from the OS section)
  • MAME (“Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator”) (forum) (XMame X11/Un*x port of MAME) (AdvanceMAME XMame port suitable for TV screens and arcade monitors) (KnoppiXMAME bootable CD-ROM ISO image for a MAME environment based on Knoppix) (MacMame)
  • Mess (“Multi Emulator Super System”. Arcade machine emulation software, similar to MAME.) (cvs) (forum)
  • ScummVM (LucasArts-like game emulator) (cvs) (ml)
  • DevKit-Advance (GCC based game development kit for the Gameb*y Advance and emulators thereof.) (cvs) (ml)
  • ZSNES (Nintend* SNES/Super Famicom emulator for x86 computers) (cvs) (ml) (wp)
  • mupen64 (SDL based, Nintend* N64 emulator, build upon the inactive Daedalus-Lkb project.)
  • Daphne (Arcade laserdisc emulator)
  • GNGB (Nintend* Gameboy emulator)
  • gbsplay (Nintend* Gameboy sound hardware emulator)
  • PPM (GTK+ based Nintend* Gameboy tile & map editor)
  • Atari800 (Portable Atari 8-bit computer – 400, 800, and XL and XE series – and Atari 5200 system emulator) (cvs) (ml)
  • Stella (Portable Atari 2600 VCS computer system emulator) (cvs) (ml) (KStella KDE frontend)
  • openMSX (MSX operating system emulator) (cvs) (ml)

Console Hacks

Inactive Projects

  • Heroes (Futuristic combat motor racing) (cvs) (ml)
  • Gambit (C++ library for simulating/analysing game theory. Gambit includes a wxWidgets based user tool.) (cvs) (ml)
  • PRBoom (FPS game based on the “Doom” game) (ml) (forum) (deb)
  • Heretic (FPS game based on the “Heretic” game)
  • Slickworm (SDL based first-person-shooter with vehicle physics and terrain engine) (cvs) (forum)
  • Space Racer (Car racing in space) (cvs)
  • Decopter (SDL based 3D simulation of a helicopter)
  • Reaper (Futuristic flight combat game) (cvs) (ml)
  • Construo (Xlib or OpenGL/Glut based program for constructing 2D wire-frame objects and letting them react on physical forces, like gravity, and watch them break or even explode) (cvs) (ml)
  • Palito (Realtime strategy game inspired by ‘Total Annihilati*n’) (source)
  • Egoboo (Dungeon exploration adventure, in the spirit of NetHack) (cvs) (ml)
  • TSSHP (“The System Shock Hack Project”. SDL based role-playing/shooter game. License: BSD-style) (cvs) (ml)
  • Batalla Naval (GNOME based, multi-player, battleship strategy game) (cvs)
  • Forgotten Destruction (Realtime adventure/strategy game) (cvs)
  • Phavon (SDL based spaceship shoot-em-up which is modelled after ‘Xenon 2′) (cvs)
  • DroidBattles (A game of programming. The task is to design your bots and then use the hardware as efficiently as possible by writing a program for it, with the mission to kill any enemy bots on the playground.)
  • RealTimeBattle (Program controlled robot battle) (ml)
  • FreeRails (Multi-player railway simulation) (cvs) (ml)
  • FreePop (SDL based clone of the classic “Populous” civilization building strategy game) (cvs)
  • Free Reign (Xlib/Op*nGL based, expandable, city simulator) (cvs)
  • Senken (GNOME based urban planning simulation) (ml)
  • CGoban1 (“Complete Goban Mark 1″. X based, IGS/NNGS compatible, Go client.) (cvs) (ml)
  • CardWords (Customizable crossword game)


Last time I showed you how to use old distro repositories with Ubuntu. Now here is an example of a Debian sources.list for an older version of Debian repositories: In this case for etch.

deb etch main non-free contrib
deb-src etch main non-free contrib

deb etch/updates main non-free contrib
deb-src etch/updates main non-free contrib

In the last article, I talked about looking at programs and disassembling them. What is that really all about. Let us take the very simple program hw and run it.$ ./hw
Hello world!
$The program hw printed out the famous Hello world. We can understand that, but let’s look at what the computer sees to do that program.$ cat hw
� �̀Hello world! ( ���� �����
� eddie@oedt01:~$ ��” ���Obviously garbage. At this point we can not really use that output for our needs. Remember I talked about a disassembler?  It changed that gobbletygoop in to something that a programmer might use.  Let’s try it.$ objdump -D hwhw:     file format elf32-i386Disassembly of section .text:08048080 <.text>:
8048080:    b8 04 00 00 00           mov    $0x4,%eax
8048085:    bb 01 00 00 00           mov    $0x1,%ebx
804808a:    b9 a4 90 04 08           mov    $0x80490a4,%ecx
804808f:    ba 0d 00 00 00           mov    $0xd,%edx
8048094:    cd 80                    int    $0x80
8048096:    b8 01 00 00 00           mov    $0x1,%eax
804809b:    bb 00 00 00 00           mov    $0x0,%ebx
80480a0:    cd 80                    int    $0x80Disassembly of section .data:

080490a4 <.data>:
80490a4:    48                       dec    %eax
80490a5:    65                       gs
80490a6:    6c                       insb   (%dx),%es:(%edi)
80490a7:    6c                       insb   (%dx),%es:(%edi)
80490a8:    6f                       outsl  %ds:(%esi),(%dx)
80490a9:    20 77 6f                 and    %dh,0x6f(%edi)
80490ac:    72 6c                    jb     0x804911a
80490ae:    64 21 0a                 and    %ecx,%fs:(%edx)

It still seems kind of cryptic, but you can see some what might be computer instructions there. So the text is the program and the data is what we want to print out. Wait a minute do you say as you do not see hello world. No problem. Hello world! is translated into ascii in hexadecimal format. Talked about that before where the computer encodes the characters. How can we prove those are the right characters? We can use a bit of code to manually translate the characters into hexadecimal. With the data, you can ignore the commands on the right hand side for now.

$ echo -n “Hello world\!” | od -A n -t x1 |sed ‘s/ /\\x/g’

Notice the hexadecimal numbers are the same from the print out left hand side to the conversion we made. So the data is there. Maybe one of these days, I will go into more detail, but that is all for now.

Update: Windows RT limitations overcome with the knowledge of assembly language. Apparently Microsoft is a company that only wants you to use equipment they way they want you to, not the way you want to.
More details: \

Message of the day (motd) dor someone’s Raspberry pi: (use at your own risk)

let upSeconds=”$(/usr/bin/cut -d. -f1 /proc/uptime)”
let secs=$((${upSeconds}%60))
let mins=$((${upSeconds}/60%60))
let hours=$((${upSeconds}/3600%24))
let days=$((${upSeconds}/86400))
UPTIME=`printf “%d days, %02dh%02dm%02ds” “$days” “$hours” “$mins” “$secs”`

# get the load averages
read one five fifteen rest < /proc/loadavg

echo “$(tput setaf 2)
.~~. .~~. `date +”%A, %e %B %Y, %r”`
‘. \ ‘ ‘ / .’ `uname -srmo`$(tput setaf 1)
.~ .~~~..~.
: .~.’~’.~. : Uptime………….: ${UPTIME}
~ ( ) ( ) ~ Memory………….: `cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemFree | awk {‘print $2’}`kB (Free) / `cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal | awk {‘print $2’}`kB (Total)
( : ‘~’.~.’~’ : ) Load Averages……: ${one}, ${five}, ${fifteen} (1, 5, 15 min)
~ .~ ( ) ~. ~ Running Processes..: `ps ax | wc -l | tr -d ” “`
( : ‘~’ : ) IP Addresses…….: `/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | /bin/grep “inet addr” | /usr/bin/cut -d “:” -f 2 | /usr/bin/cut -d ” ” -f 1` and `wget -q -O – | tail`
‘~ .~~~. ~’ Weather…………: `curl -s “|UK|UK001|NAILSEA|” | sed -n ‘/Currently:/ s/.*: \(.*\): \([0-9]*\)\([CF]\).*/\2°\3, \1/p’`
$(tput sgr0)”


So good  tuna, lentils,  and rice..
Good day.