There is this one commercial that really makes me chuckle a bit. It is not about the product or service that they sell. Since I do not generally use Microsoft products, I will not be using their product to judge it. What I do take issue with is that they seem to suggest that if you get viruses and the like, your hardware could become totally useless.

Have not seen in many years where viruses made your hardware worthless. When I see the picture of abandoned equipment, I feel like a kid in a candy store thinking what all I could do with that probably perfectly good equipment. Even if the equipment had seen it’s best days, there are ways re-purpose or recycle such equipment. For some examples: and

Now, to a better prospect. If  there is nothing wrong with the equipment, why discard it?  You could have your equipment’s software cleaned up and you will be able to reuse your system again. But, then that leads to a bigger question of, why are you using software that get’s you in that predicament in the first place. There has to be more choices than what Redmond Washington and Cupertino California give us.



Net send has been replaced with msg.exe
MSG “username” “BOO!”

Just one user on a local terminal.
write user [ttyname]
Ingnore or get messages with
mesg [y|n]

You can talk with other users but talkd must be enabled on other machine.
talk username

Send message to all users
wall test
enter message
[control]d to send


Huh? What do you mean that dead VGA monitor just saved you money?  That is did not have to go to the electronics store to purchase an overpriced VGA cable just to be cut apart. Why would I want to do that? Most personal computers now have what is know as the i2c (pronounced eye-squared-see) bus coming from the video port. Even the better touchpads and tablets have this port. This means you can connect all kinds of sensing devices to your computing equipment.

Let’s dig a little deeper. The most traditional sensors used are what is known as temperature sensors. They are electronic thermometers. So you could connect one or many of these sensors to the i2c bus off the computer’s video port. Even some hdmi cables support this. Of course, you would need a special interface for your touchpad or tablet. But it is there.

What can we do with the temperature sensors. The sensors can be placed in computer server rooms, around entertainment equipment (especially projectors), and other sensitive places  to monitor the temperature. The premise is that you do not want overheated equipment or even have the possibility of a fire hazard. The temperature sensors will send data back to the host computer and then software on the host computer can take action accordingly. Home automation software usually comes into play here. From that point of view that cable could save you thousands of dollars!!! (not just twenty dollars).

There are many many articles on how to implement the i2c bus, so I will not dwell on it here, Your favorite search engine can allow you to access the articles by searching on i2c. Often overlooked is what can we do with our computers besides just running our favorite computer programs. So, what about that VGA cable? Had a dead computer monitor in the garage. I needed a cable to build an i2c interface. Which means you need a cable that can be torn apart.  Cut off the cable from the back of the monitor then then made the cable. Another reuse for dead equipment! Going green….

Building of the basic cable can be found at :

You can also use other ports on a computer for controlling other equipment and collecting data.


Server backup

$ mkdir o1 ; cd o1
$ sshfs eddie@oesrvr1:/ o1

Do not do this on the live internet!! (you need to temporarily enable root ssh access and then disable it after your done.)
$ ssh root@oesrvr1 tar -zcvpf – / –exclude=proc  –exclude=sys -xclude=dev/pts –exclude=backups > o1a.tar.gz


Have played with Zone minder   ( , but I wanted to try something new.  Several bloggers bragged about what the program Motion could do. So you have to install it.

$ sudo apt-get install motion

You need to set up where you want the pictures to be saved.

$ sudo vim /etc/motion/motion.conf

Just to test it out, you can run

$ sudo motion -n

Worked great so far. The host site has some great documentation.


Cure your computer of mono.

$ sudo apt-get purge  mono-runtime


Know nothing about GIS, but my cousins are starting to make money with it.


Pull down menus.

Just some quickie code for a pull down menu.

Html links will probably not work for you but you should get the idea. Notice the commented out line.

Pull down menus. Just some quickie code for a pull down menu. Notice the commented out line.

<form name="jump5">
<select name="menu5" onclick="top.location=document.jump5.menu5.options[document.jump5.menu5.selectedIndex].value;" value="GO">
<option value="http://oesrvr1/">Staff Tools</option>
<option value="../sql-ledger/">Accounting</option>
<option value="../webcal">Calendar</option>
<option value="../osv">College mgmt</option>
<option value="../eyeOS">Desktop</option>
<option value="../webERP">ERP</option>
<option value="../fo">Feng office</option>
<option value="../go">Group Office</option>
<option value="../phd">Helpdesk</option>
<option value="../openemr">Medical office</option>
<option value="../orangehrm">Personnel</option>
<option value="../squirrelmail">Postoffice</option> 
<option value="../gel">SS+Fengoffice</option>
<option value="../dp">Task Manager</option>
<option value="../et">Work order entry</option>


Lasagna again…

Good day.