There is some strange source code (instructions that can be translated into a working computer program). Found it while I was researching the history of Java. BF is a computer language compiler. foo.b is the source code for a user  program.

$ cat foo1.b

+++++ +++++             initialize counter (cell #0) to 10
[                       use loop to set the next four cells to 70/100/30/10
    > +++++ ++              add  7 to cell #1
    > +++++ +++++           add 10 to cell #2 
    > +++                   add  3 to cell #3
    > +                     add  1 to cell #4
    <<< ++ .                  print 'H'
> + .                   print 'e'
+++++ ++ .              print 'l'
.                       print 'l'
+++ .                   print 'o'
> ++ .                  print ' '
< .                     print 'o'
+++ .                   print 'r'
----- - .               print 'l'
----- --- .             print 'd'
> + .                   print '!'
> .                     print '\n'

[eddie@oedt01 ~]$ ./bf < foo1.b > foo && chmod +x foo
[eddie@oedt01 ~]$ ./foo
Hello World!

[eddie@oedt01 ~]$
Yep, it a hello world program. The first program most everyone writes when first learning how to program in a certain computer language.

Oracle vs Google.

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about what happened in court today. This seems to be the most reliable information.

Easy clock.

Last time we gave you an easy search tool. Now lets add a clock for your web page.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012
3:19:18 AM
More information at :

Easy search.

You can save yourself some time by adding a small code snippet to your web pages to access a web search engine without having to go to a search engine. This is good for your self made home pages like the following:

For more information see:


Have not made much time to work on special projects. One thing I need to start back on is robopet.  There is nothing real super snazzy about this unit although it could be. mainly I will use it for carrying snacks back and forth from the kitchen during sporting events. There will be a second level not currently attached to hold the goodies. More information about the unit see:


B&N M$ Nook coming?

Microsoft was embattled with Barnes and Noble about alleged patent infringement. Barnes and Noble would not buckle under to Microsoft from what we have heard. Now Microsoft has invested in a Barnes and Noble subsidiary. All kinds of rumors abound…. Feel for those who already have a Nook, that their support might get cut off.


Thank to everyone (and especially our 66 folowers) who have frequented our site. Created a short batch file to let me know when it would happend. And so it did.

# batch file to let me know when I get to 250,000 views.
let goal=250000
let k250=$(elinks$username/index.html | grep "Total Views" | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g')
# echo $k250
if [ $k250 -gt $goal ]; then
   zenity --info --text "Hip hip hooray, you hit 250,000 views." --display=:0.0

Enter into crontab -e
* * */1 * * /home/eddie/bin/


From twitter: Interesting way to make a random choice.

$ declare -a dinner=(Tacos Burgers Pizza Sushi); echo “${dinner[$RANDOM % (${#dinner} – 1)]}”


Wedding Soup:

Good day.