Utterly amazes me the amount of allegedly misguided advice that is given by popular computer support columns in newspapers and websites. Will not give any names or institutions to protect the innocent. Have any of these people actually ever worked as a real computer support technician? Do not get me wrong, as I make my fair share of issues. That being said, I did earn my bones working in a corporate environment supporting thousands of Microsoft operating system personal computers for almost two decades. Back to the story, The crux of one author’s story was that all you needed to do to repair a Microsoft Windows based personal computer was to go into the safe mode with networking to download virus protection software and then just kill the viruses. Seems logical does it not. Actually there are viruses that still can be alive in the safe mode with networking. Seen it happen more than once. There is no safe mode when it comes to viruses per se.

Most virus killing software programs are usually behind the curve for what it takes to kill a virus. Yes, it will kill most everything, but not all. Do not let a virus and or software protection program be a panacea. Even as a tech, I found that even with the best malware eradication program, some amount of manual editing work was needed to clean MSWindows machines of problems.

So what to do. One suggestion is that you get third party software such as TRK (Trinity Rescue Kit) that can boot or start up your computer without even having to use your operating system installed on the computer. Trk will then download the latest available definitions of malware and then search the system for issues. Once that is done, you can use a tool to go into areas of the registry where malware usually tries to hide itself and inspect for any additional issues.Then most likely you will get rid of issues completely. An experienced computer technician can do this for you.

Will have to say that the advice columns do give good advice about once your computer is clean to change passwords and even numbers of accounts to your financial assets. But then that leads me to say, why is having a virus on your computer an acceptable issue. Why are not the operating systems such as the ones from Redmond Washington written well enough to avoid these issues. As avid as the legal profession is, I am totally amazed why the legal eagles are not pounding on the doors asking for remuneration for all the problems that viruses and malware cause that could have easily been prevented with a more robust operating system for your computer.

People who develop computer malware are so narcissistic and self serving. Prison is to good for them.

Simple calendar

$ for i in {0..365};do date -d “Jan 1 2012 + $i day” +”*%B %_d – “; done

Would print out:
*January 1 –
*January 2 –
*January 3 –
*January 4 –
*January 5 –

*December 28 –
*December 29 –
*December 30 –
*December 31 –

Now lets put that in a batch file called moncal.sh and mod it a little bit.


# use start month and add number of days after the first day of that month i.e. ./moncal.sh Oct 60
let l=$2-1;for i in $(eval echo {0..$l});do date -d "$1 1 2012 + $i day" +"*%B %_d - ";done

$ chmod +x moncal.sh

Then try it

$ ./moncal.sh Feb 29

You get:
*February 1 –
*February 2 –
*February 3 –
*February 27 –
*February 28 –
*February 29 –

A little fun:

$ ./moncal.sh Feb 60

*February 1 –
*February 2 –
*February 3 –

*March 30 –
*March 31 –

$ ./moncal.sh Feb 29 > feb_databook

$ vim feb_databook

(or nano or gedit, or etc)

Insert data into file using underscores (easier to dump data into spreadsheet).


read -p "Words to add to list: " t
t1=$(echo $t | sed -e 's/ /_/g')
sed '/'$2'/a \
>_'$t1 $1 > test
mv test $1

$ ./daterecord.sh Feb_datebook -3
Words to add to list: This date has passed
[eddie@oedt01 ~]$ cat Feb_datebook
*February -1 –
*February -2 –
*February -3 –
*February -4 –
*February -5 –
*February -6 –


Two homemade laptop accessories.

Just a couple of quickies you might be interested in.

The one coat hanger laptop stand: http://www.instructables.com/id/One-coat-hanger-laptop-stand/

Laptop lamp: http://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-another-usb-lamp/

Note: Turning on the faucet is fatal…..

Oh goodness, how could I forget the Ipad stand: http://www.instructables.com/id/Ipad-et-al-holder/.

The stand can also be used with the PCpad.

The Android pad coming soon!

A collection; http://www.instructables.com/id/Our-food-instructables/

Good day.