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Published a couple of guides to give you a taste of what is there.


You can almost build your own mainframe computer using COTS (commodity off the shelf) hardware and then you can have one heck of a calculator for your desk.

Follow this link for more details:


One of my side hobbies is to make foil based equivalents of traditional antennas. This is my latest prototype of the Gray-Hoverman antenna. Just $5 dollars in materials.

My next goal is to step it up a bit with commercial antenna clone. Probably do this one with coat hangers. Looking for the specs.

More home made antennas:


If you have a Kindle, fire, ebook, epub, nook, pdf, android, or an Ipad, please listen up as we ran into this program that is available for the major platforms called Calibre. This particular program not only will help you manage your ebooks on your pc, but it can convert formats also. It is worth taking a look at. So far it is free!

Main window:

Convert page:



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