Normally I do not discuss proprietary projects, bit I think it is time we start replacing proprietary projects with open source. Here are a few topics we plan to delve into.

Samba 4 – active directory.
Freenas – file server and san (iscsi and aoe) support
Forked-mt-daapd – itunes server
Clonezilla and Fog – System duplication.
Puppet – system management
Mono – language development
Clamav, trk, and etc. – Anti-virus
Xrdp – rdp server.
ltsp, Clonezilla/drvd, and etc – thin client server.
gPxe/iPxe remote boot


Want to talk about ways to take your electronics off the power grid, alternative cooling systems and topics along those lines.   Plan to do several review of linux related books, The Raspberry (inexpensive linux computer) and a couple of touchpads.


New year code snippets at:


Favorite recipes over the last year:

Good day.