In memoriam: oesrvr1 passed away yesterday. Even as it went through it’s last clicks and thrashes, it managed to stay alive long enough for major files to be backed up. It’s 15 gig drive heart of a drive finally gave out. What a trooper! Everyone who saw it’s web pages today mourn for it’s loss. I know I am thankful for all oesrvr1 has taught me over the years. The hard drive will leave it’s parts such as the permanent magnets to science so that all will still enjoy it’s life in another. A new oesrvr1 will take it’s place of honor. Goodbye old friend…

Update: (New server in place and up and running. Still a lot of work to do though i.e. updating software and restoring some files.)

Think I originally installed Ubuntu 6.04 on the system and did in place upgrades to ubuntu 10.04. Never ran any Microsoft windows products on it. For an old Dell GX1 Pentium II, it definitely earned it’s keep and the roi (return on investment) can not be measured. Think I bought it used for twenty dollars from a local electronics store. Later, we cloned it with Clonezilla a while back, but always tried to archive the web server files on occasion. Must have done at least ten or more articles at with it. Spent so much sshing into it to learn about web serving, home automation, and programming that it almost seems like losing a family member. Fortunately, I have a backup lamp (Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP) server ready to take it’s place. Just have to reinstall all the apps and web pages. Time to move on.
An early computer.

After transistor logic, Lets add a little memory.

Early microcomputers:

Lentils, noodles, and a lotta red sauce.

Good day!