No computer or it’s software is perfect. The way you are informed of issues can vary from one system to another. Microsoft’s way to display problems has become part of folklore. It has become know as the infamous BSOD.

The blue screen of death aka bsod has changed yet again, but this time you do not seem to get a clue to what is going on. As much as I never liked to see the blue screen of death, I did appreciate the detail of information presented to use to diagnose issues with your computer. In the latest iteration, that seems to be missing. WHY???

The Win 8 BSOD:

Now if you look at the older bsod screen shots, you see that you at least get some kind of error code to deal with:

And the BSOD message was immortalised in this photo:

Which bsod screen would you prefer to have?

Case conversion in bash files.

Some times it is necessary to change case (a vs A)in a batch file. for instance I need an uppercase argument for to do a selection process, You can not always depend on a user to give you the correct input.

If a user types in “cancer” and you need “CANCER”, you have to sort of error proof what a user does. No problem. The tr (translate) command to the rescue.

ghp: (original code)

echo "--------------------------------------------"
date +%D
echo -n "Today's horoscope for:"
lynx -width 1000   -dump "" > hscope ; cat hscope | grep $hsign
echo "------------------------------------------

For this to work the user needs to use the command:
$ ./ghp CANCER

Some users will type in

$ ./ghp cancer

which gives missing results. So how to get around that?

ghp1: (revised and added word wrap)

# Get today's horoscope
echo "--------------------------------------------"
# character width
hsign="`echo $hsign|tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'`"
cat $hsign
date +%D
echo  "Today's horoscope for: $1"
lynx -width 1000 -dump "" | grep $hsign | fold -sw $cw
echo "--------------------------------------------"

$ ./ghp2 cancer
/ _`. Cancer- The Crab
(_) ( )
‘. /
Today’s horoscope for: cancer
CANCER (June 22-July 22). Rituals have a way of quieting
the racket in your head so that you can get busy. It
doesn’t have to be too elaborate. The ritual of making
yourself a beverage and sitting in your favorite chair to
drink it may be enough.
Ta da !!


Quick hint from Hak5 (time stamp ping messages).

ping | while read pong; do echo “$(date +%F_%T) — $pong”;done

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