Just a video of my old Dell GX1 (p2) web/cloud server. Except for the videos on the web page, all software is local on the machine. Certainly could of had the videos local also. The same server also acts a traditional Itunes server, but that feature is not shown. What is really neat are some of the gui (graphical user interface) that a remote machine or even a tablet can use. Point one being that you can use the software on the server and not have to load software on client machines. Point two being that data is on the server and not the local machines. A tiny bit more security in some ways. There is no sound in the video. Still experimenting with different software and did not have time to set all that up.

If you can bear with the video, you will see it is worth it. Not all the applications on the server were shown. Just gave you enough to whet your appetite. Yours truly wrote the software for the main web page and some of the applications. This is the wave of the future as to how users will interface with business. One of the reasons you might want to become familiar with HTML, CSS, and maybe even Javascript. In most cases you probably will let someone else do the work on the web pages. The more you know the better you can interact with the people doing your site.

Lastly, the http://www.softserv.com site from the beginning of the video and the oesrvr1 site are both running from the same machine with what is known as virtual hosting. Allows for several sites to be on one server therefore saving money. The video is under fifteen minutes, so do not worry about it going on forever. By the way, both servers are on a local private intranet and not the internet.

The personal computer accessing the Firefly (aka Itunes server):


Way back when I did a piece about using over-the-air antenna (http://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-another-dtv-antenna/). Now I get about 60 stations. Here is a picture of the antenna and quick video showing the old Commodore displaying the results.

The antenna:

Quick video:

Food pic of the day. Little rig I made to fabricate taco shells in the oven. Of course several racks will be used at once.

Good day.