Ever try to go to a web page while internet browsing and you get the message that it the page is no longer around. Frustrating to say the least. That page had just the information you were looking for. Then you want to chunk your computer and pledge to never again use the internet.

Relax as there may be a way to miraculously recover or access that page. All you need is the way back machine. What? No, not a another piece of equipment to purchase. It is a web site that has lots of historical information. So now how do we do it. You point your browser to www.archive.org. you will fill in the url (aka web site address) into the wayback machine box. I usually copy and paste the site I am looking for in the the wayback machine box to save typing and for accuracy. Not promising the page you are looking for will be there, but at least you now have a greater chance to get to the site you were looking for. Try it.


Some good old tweets:

The Geek shall inherit the earth!

My computing became more intimate using Linux, OS/X, Minix, AUX, Unix, and the like after reading “The Joy of X”.

Some people say they are an MS PC. Some people say they are an Apple Mac. If you use both, do you have a multiple personality disorder.

What’s the difference between a plumber and a sysadmin. One hates backups and the other loves them.

Linux administrators have gotten a bad rap for being bad tempered. Just because they want to bash code with ncurses.

Then again electronics people must like to meditate, because they are always saying ohm.

Traveling with computers must be tough, because people always they have a hard drive.

Older computer geeks must like to speak Spanish, because they were always saying K.

Electronics people must really care about what Millie does, because they are always saying Millie what?

Programmers when coding can be challenging so they cover their ascii.

There is no place like localhost and my address is

The descendants of Paladin: “Have computer, will network.”

If your love likes to use twitter a lot, would she be your tweetie pie.

Every time you hear a bell ring a computer is being re-purposed with linux. “ding ding”

A computer is just a robot without any arms or legs……

Beware geeks bearing gifs.

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

You have to make a certain amount of mistakes when writing sequential computer code, but the newer programmers are always saying OOPS.

Man talking to his better half. Him: Make me a sandwich. Her: What? make it yourself! Him: Sudo make me a sandwich. Her: Okay!

You know you have too many toys when your better half revokes your “Dumpster diving” license.

First there was the file server, then there was the nas server, and now there is the cloud server. New names, but same equipment.

If you want to know what is using ipaddresses on your network, try this: “nmap -sP”

Nerds really like the music of Judy Collins. “Send in the clowns” is now “Send in the clones

Databases are a lot like mice, They both know how to SQL.


Did an article a while back about page scraping. Here is an update:

Finally able to grab user stats from “www.instructables.com” using the command line.

Usage:: ./istats.sh username

So if I use my usermame then:

$ ./istats.sh computothought
* Date Joined:Dec 16, 2007
* Instructables:118
* Total Views:136,148
* Featured %:1%
* Subscribers:38
* Answers:35
* Topics:3
* Comments:457


lynx -width 1000   -dump "http://www.instructables.com/member/$1/" > istats
cat istats | grep  " * Date Joined:"
cat istats | grep  " * Instructables:"
cat istats | grep  " * Total Views:"
cat istats | grep  " * Featured %:"
cat istats | grep  " * Subscribers:"
cat istats | grep  " * Answers:"
cat istats | grep  " * Topics:"
cat istats | grep  " * Comments:"

Time to thank some of my followers on www.instructables.com/member/computothought

jdoggylimpach T-Hawke mr.incredible vigerpersinger joespicnictables rollback Dr. Pepper PikeCity mennovr beltran Goodhart aNjaSqurl davijordan odonhp DNULKN sbraiuca MurphyHarris Brru future-tinker Hoza85 2hot2hack dejedex 1HappyHermit shesparticular Sono drcb cpaulro SWANKIM oRelyTo jrcq UOS evilgenius 398 DSMP maddox1923 sunshiine melrod1 DanaM71

Almost that time again:

Good day.