One of the major reasons I have not purchased a touch pad (excepting the Chumby we own) is that you can not easily program the devices for my own use. One thing I liked about the traditional personal computer is that you could develop programs fairly easily without having to buy both an expensive computer and development software just to get the device to do what you want. Not only that, you really can not use a program and easily port it from one device to another. That is just not right.

Decided to look around for a possible solution to resolve the issue of not being able to create one’s own software for the devices. There were basically three criteria. First you had to be easily able to port or move your program from one platform to another. The second was that you did not need an expensive machine and software for software development. Lastly, we did not want to have to be tied to some “APP store” to get our software.

So what did we come up with? O’Reilly has some fine books. We probably have more than I want to admit. Recently they came out with two books that are on my want to get list. First is for the the IPhone and it is called “Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” ( You surely should be able to use this book for the Ipad also. Second is for the Android platform and it is called “Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”. ( Html, CSS, and Javascript are common to both platforms. As Jon Lovett might say “That’s the ticket!”

Now there is a common thread for touch pads that can make them more valuable to me as an alleged intelligent consumer. The “APP store” is not required because HTML, CSS, and Javascript are open to anyone to use that has a web browser. See for details. Now I am making the rounds to test a possible touch pad that might meet my needs. The best part is I can use the Html, Css, and Javascript with my existing laptop. Do not have to be in such a hurry to get a portable device. Just the way you want it. They have to come to you, not you having to cowtow to computer/touch pad vendors.

Quickie bash hack:

$ mkdir dirname
$ cd dirname

Instead of cd dirname try:
$ cd !$
Saves having to type in the directory name.

Meal for the week is sort of a stir fry upside down shepherd’s pie. Included is a salad with tofu to look like cottage cheese with mandarin oranges on top.

Good day.