Local radio disk jockey wants you to purchase a particular brand high priced computer for your child to take to school because it will auto save all their work. Not a bad idea. If someone can not remember to save their work regularly, should they be in college? Am I missing something?


What is Linux and why is it so popular? Every desktop computer uses an operating system. The most popular operating systems in use today are:

* Microsoft “Windows” (a misnomer because all OS’s use a gui)
* Mac OS (now loosely based on BSD, a cousin of Linux.)
* UNIX (largely being replaced by BSD and Linux.)

* Linux (Ubuntu might be the most popular, but Redhat, Debian, and Others are also very much used).

Linux is an operating system that is very much like but not UNIX and that has become very popular over the last several years. Operating systems are computer programs. An operating system is the first piece of software that the computer executes when you turn the machine on. Linux is as much a phenomenon as it is an operating system. To understand why Linux has become so popular, it is helpful to know a little bit about its history. The first version of UNIX was originally developed several decades ago and was used primarily as a research operating system in universities. High-powered desktop workstations from companies like Sun proliferated in the 1980s, and they were all based on UNIX. A number of companies entered the workstation field to compete against Sun: HP, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Apollo, etc. Unfortunately, each one had its own version of UNIX and this made the sale of software difficult. Now you can get linux free from places like www.distrowatch.com. Linux has a dedicated following and appeals to several different kinds of people:

* People who already know UNIX and want to run it on PC-type hardware
* People who want to experiment with operating system principles
* People who need or want a great deal of control over their operating system
* People who have personal problems with Microsoft

To debug a couple of myths.

Myth: No good games for linux.
See: http://www.cahilig.net/2011/07/29/100-best-free-and-high-quality-linux-games#

Myth: No good software for linux.
See: http://www.osalt.com/

Myth: No support for linux.
See: www.linuxquestions.org (just for starters).

You can in most cases use older hardware to install and run Linux. I love Microsoft as people give up their old equipment so easily because they think it is obsolete, then I put that computer to work using linux. Linux now runs most entertainment equipment as well as your personal computer. As do many companies, we also run linux on our servers. Try it you will like it!

Microsoft and Linux Desktops. Both are mouse driven.

Wrote another clock program. This does binary and hexadecimal. I did not do the bit graphics thing this time, but I could have.

Here is the code for the project:

' binary clock by computoman
true% = -1
locate 4,10 : print "The time is: "; time$;".";
locate 7,20: print "Hexadecimal";
locate 7,36: print "Binary";
'Main loop
while true%

hr = val(left$(time$,2))   
min = val(mid$(time$,4,2)) 
sec = val(mid$(time$,7,2))       

locate 08,20: print "  ";
hr$ = right$("   " + hex$(hr),2)
locate 08,10: print "Hours";   : locate 08,20 : print hr$; 
gosub binit
bhr$ = C$
locate 08,30: print "                     ";
locate 08,30: print right$("                    " + bhr$,16);

locate 10,20: print "  ";
min$ = right$("   " + hex$(min),2)
locate 10,10: print "Minutes"; : locate 10,20 : print min$;
gosub binit
locate 10,30: print "                                 ";
bmin$ = C$
locate 10,30: print right$("                " + bmin$,16); 

locate 12,20: print "  ";
sec$ = right$("   " + hex$(sec),2)
locate 12,10: print "Seconds"; : locate 12,20 : print sec$;
gosub binit
locate 12,30: print "                                 ";
bsec$ = C$
locate 12,30: print right$("                  " + bsec$,16);

' fake end
locate 14,1 : print;
WHILE N <> 0
A = N MOD 2
B$ = STR$(A)
N = FIX(N / 2)
C$ = B$ + C$


Have not cooked anything in a while, so I made a home cooked meal. Chicken fried steak, home made gravy, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and a bit salad. Do not forget to add some green beans on the side.

Good day.