Started experimenting with RecordMyDesktop. These first two videos have no sound as I was too lazy to install a microphone. The main thing I was concerned with was as to what Youtube video sizes would be accepted. 640xwhatever seems to be the norm. Later, I will probably use ffmeg for recording the desktop once I get used to the command line parameters. For now, RecordMyDesktop will do.

This first video has to do with how allows you are to save files. The files names if you use the defaults can be meaningless. A little common sense and most people could probably figure it how to save the proper filenames.

This next video has to with editing a web page remotely without using any fancy tools. The web site shown is not a live web site on the net. The web site is a live web site on a private network. Nice to have a test web server to play with. A web server should be a basic appliance like a refrigerator dishwasher, or a stove. There is what seems to be a dead spot in the video about 1 minute in. I was actually doing other things off the area that was being recorded.

Here is just a vid of me testing software to control led’s on the parallel port. Just used my camera for this one. Pardon the old out of tune guitar and etc.

This week I do not have any food pictures, but I did butcher my first featherless whole chicken. Will probably doing that more often. Debating still whether it is less expensive or not. Here is a video to deal with a chicken.

Good day.