My last post “A common gateway” could certainly very easily be adapted to BSD based systems such as the Apple Machintosh almost unedited. Do not have a Mac to test that idea though. For that matter the same idea could probably be adapted to an MSWindows pc. Working on that.

Developing a simple all in one emailer/quickie note taker app.

More experimental pwm (pulse width modulation) makes the leds seem like they are increasing in intensity:

for x = 1 to 1000
for y =1 to (1000 - x)
locate 1,1
rem ?" ";
out 888, 0
next y
for a = 1 to x
locate 1,1
rem ?"1";
out 888,255
next a
next x
out 888,0 

Ready for breakfast!

Update for our bash web page project:

	echo "Content-type: text/htmln"
	# read in our parameters
	CMD=`echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*cmd=([^&]*).*$/1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g"`
	FOLDER=`echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*folder=([^&]*).*$/1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g"| sed "s/%2F///g"`
	 FOLDER1=`echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*folder1=([^&]*).*$/1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g"| sed "s/%2F///g"`
         FOLDER2=`echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*folder2=([^&]*).*$/1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g"| sed "s/%2F///g"`

	# our html header
	echo "<html>"
	echo "<head><title>Bash CGI</title></head>"
	echo "<body>"
	# test if any parameters were passed
	if [ $CMD ]
	  case "$CMD" in
	      echo "Output of ifconfig :<pre>"
	      echo "</pre>"
	      echo "Output of uname -a :<pre>"
	      /bin/uname -a
	      echo "</pre>"
	      echo "Output of dmesg :<pre>"
	      echo "</pre>"
	      echo "Output of df -h :<pre>"
	      /bin/df -h
	      echo "</pre>"
	      echo "Output of free :<pre>"
	      echo "</pre>"
              echo "Who is logged in :<pre>"
              echo "who      where        login-time   logged-in-from"
	      echo "---------------------------------------------------"
              echo "</pre>"

              echo "Hardware listing :<pre>"
              echo "</pre>"

              echo "lsusb :<pre>"
              echo "</pre>"

              echo "List of users :<pre>"
              echo "</pre>"

	      echo "Output of ls $FOLDER :<pre>"
	      /bin/ls "$FOLDER"
	      echo "</pre>"
              echo "Output of ls $FOLDER1 :<pre>"
              /bin/ls -al "$FOLDER1"
              echo "</pre>"

              echo "System to wake: $FOLDER2 :<pre>"
              /usr/bin/wakeonlan "$FOLDER2"
              echo "</pre>"

	      echo "Ubuntu version :<pre>"
	      /usr/bin/lsb_release -a
	      echo "</pre>"
              echo "Cpu information :<pre>"
              cat /proc/cpuinfo
              echo "</pre>"
	      echo "Unknown command $CMD<br>"
	# print out the form
	# page header
	echo "<p>"
	echo "<center><h2>"
	echo "Management Console for: "
	uname -n
	echo "</center></h2>"
	echo "<p>"
	echo "<p>"
	echo "<form method=get>"
        echo "Choose which command you want to run: <br>"
	echo "<br>System information<br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=uname checked> uname -a (Kernel version)<br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=dmesg> dmesg (System messages) <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=lsb_release> lsb_release (Ubuntu version) <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=free> free (Memory info)<br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=cpuinfo> Cpu information <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=hw> Hardware listing <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd avalue=lsusb> lsusb (Usb ports info)<br>"
	echo "<br>User information<br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=lsuser> User listing <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=who> Who is logged in <br>"
	echo "<br>Disk information <br>"
	echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=df> df -h (Free disk space) <br>"
	echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=ls> ls  -- folder <input type=text name=folder value=/mnt/flash><br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=lsal> ls -al -- folder <input type=text name=folder1 value=/mnt/flash><br>"
	echo "<br>Network configuration <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=ifconfig> ifconfig (Network configuration) <br>"
        echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=wol> wakeonlan (enter mac address) <input type=text name=folder2 value=00:00:00:00:00:00><br>"
	echo "<input type=submit>"
	echo "</form>"
	echo "</body>"
	echo "</html>"

That’s enough for that project for a while. Need to get my robot going tonight and learning more php and javascript.

Good day.