Just a short article this month….

Security can be real important these days and some of the commercial systems can be a wee bit expensive. We thought we would try out Zoneminder at a friends place. Zoneminder is another use for an older computer:

You can find more details on the set up at:

I am always wanting to try new things in the kitchen. One dessert I wanted to try was cannoli. Unfortunately, I could not find the forms locally. Too expensive to order them on the web for just one occasion, so I researched about making my own. Lots of obsticles there as you will see in the instructable. Finally found a way to make the forms super cheap and easy. I have also included a link for making the cannoli. They are heaven, but not on most peoples diet plans. Try them and you will be hooked. I plan to make them again at the hollidays.

Cannoli forms:


Lastly, here is a short instructable about upgrading your router to have more features. The most important feature I liked besides more security is the ability to use ddns and have it act like a another ‘nix box.

Keep your ISP honest:

All for now.