Tried to get to a web site that never goes down, but could not. Then I went to my instructables account to see how it was doing. Hardly any additional views. Hmmm. Decided to check on the web site that was down. Yeah, it came back up! They I noticed my views started growing again. Assumption: the web site was never down, but there was some kind of internet blockage or outage.

Speaking of instructables, I plan to go back and give some existing ones more content rather than concentrating on just more instructables. I have even gone back and corrected some errors. Guess I am half blind and half sleepy when I created some of those. If you have a chance, Go back and check them out.

Signed up with another photo sharing service so that I could share photos on twitter again. See how that goes.

I do not watch much internet video, but Hak5 and Jeri Ellsworth are a big part of my video diet. Also like to watch various musicians that play open source music. There is a wealth of creative commons music out there. No need to deal with copyrighted music. One thing you have to be careful of is that some music might be open, but the format it is recorded on is not. MP3/MP4 are big cuprits of this. I like to stay with OGG based formats to get arond potential issues. Traditionally OGG was not supported by the music players. You were forced to use copyrighted formats. That is beginning to change. Look and see if your music player supports OGG. OGG information.

One of the things I talked about before is that if the big software media companies were in the food business, all you could eat would be frozen dinners or mixes from a box. Recently I was in the grocery and happened to notice a family trying to decide what mac-n-cheese in a box dinner to get. I chuckled inside privately, because it is so darn easy to make macaroni and cheese from scratch. I usually speak up and say something, but this time I kept quiet. Not everyone is a cook and not everyone is a programmer, but there are so many things you can do on the computer for yourself that do not require a pre-packaged program. All you have to do is to scour the internet and be inundated with the information to do it on your own. One advantage of open source is that you can get the source code and modify programs yourself if they do not exactly meet your needs just like you can modify a recipe. I have not eaten a frozen dinner in so long. To look at is in another way, a recipe is a program and might even be called software. Learn a recipe or learn a bit about programming. You will save yourself some dough.

Last of all, I plan to start doing video’s for some of the things I do. Here is just a teaser. I did goof though and said “ATX” when I meant to say “AT interface on the motherboard.”