Recently saw a commercial where a user was allegedly having problem with his 3g phone. When he saw a 4g phone that seemed to work better, the 3g phone was tossed. He never even took the time to see either what else the 3g phone could be used for or see if it could be altered to work for him. To me that in a world where we are trying to conserve, that commercial was very very irresponsible. I will not be getting phone service from that company. We need to get away from being a throw away society.

Almost to one hundred instructables on Once I get to one hundred instructables, I may release them as a book and add lots of background notes. Thanx to all that have helped in viewing near ninety three thousand times.

Installed Drupal (content management system) on our local web server to learn about the product. I actually installed both the 6.20 and the 7.0 versions of the software. It messed up the web server, but I was able to remedy the situation by renaming a couple of files.

A traditional software install on a stand alone machine usually just installing the software. With a web server, you usually have to create an empty database, set permissions on the destination folder, and then copy the software to the destination directory. After all that an install script to set up certain files and populate the database is done. A bit more work in some ways and less in others.

Twitpic wants to be two-faced and sell your pictures without giving you a cut. They say in their user agreement that it supersedes any copyrights you have. They now have one less user.

Carpet baggers used to be tarred and feathered not so long ago after the civil war. Patent trolls could get the same fate soon, unless the courts wake up or the trolls learn to behave.

Bought this bike at Goodwill for five dollars. Has lots of work that needs to be done on it. Plan to use it as a regular bike, stationary bike and energy generator. Of course, we will have to add the computer component to this project. One less item going to a garbage dump. Make it last!