We made another step in our little robot truck,

Working on a much larger computer based robot. These are the rear wheels.

Did some more instructables. You can find them at www.instructables.com/member/computothought. One that is computer related is Installing web pages that might be interesting. Have not made much time for writing computer code. I plan to do some more soon. one interesting litlle program is called wakeonlan so that you can remotely start a computer that supports “wake on lan”. You make have to make a configuration change to the destination computer’s bios.

# Substiture your nic card's mac address 
# using sudo ifconfig should get you the mac address info.
# sudo etherwake -i eth1 -b 00:00:00:00:00:00
wakeonlan 00:00:00:00:00:00

You could probably even make a a launcher (shortcut) to start the batch file via the gui.

“Sudo poweroff” will allow you to shut the system down remotely.

In a “who’s on first” moment, A friend asked me “what os” should I use for my old computer. I said “Right”. The friend looked quizzical. Then I said “W-a-t-t-O-S wattos“.

Summers coming and backyard work to do. Less time doing ‘puter stuff.