Yep, it is getting near Easter. of course it is another be careful of overeating time. Cheese cake is a big thing at Easter at our house.

Looks store bought, but it is actually home made. Think mom’s hand mixer finally died in the making of this one.

You never know what you can use in a different way. On rare occasions, we will eat at a fast food restaurant. Normally I do not drink coffee, but looking at the coffee stirrers there had to be another use for them. This is what I came up with:

Now when I see a restaurant that has these, I will go in and get just a few for immediate needs.

Time to thank everyone again for help getting the instructable views up to near 85,000. Almost to the goal of 100,000. Speaking of that I did a quickie tutorial of installing apps on a web server. You can use WordPress at home. Web apps install Intro.

Found a cartoon I sort of take issue with. The cartoon about computer repair. Though it might be true for other systems, there definitely are several inaccuracies. Sun now owned by Oracle never really had anything to do with the development of Lunux except indirectly. Most Linux programmers do not use C++ for OS development. They use C and or Asm instead. Must be an MSWindows programmer who did this cartoon. At any rate, users have not had to recompile the kernel in years, unless they were using a nuts and bolts distribution. Lastly, Java is not used to my knowledge in the kernel to my knowledge as it is used mainly for application development. RMS would have a heart attack if it did. True Gnu linux distributions do not use C# or Java at all. People need to get their facts straight before putting down Linux.

In the news: Happy to see at least one alleged copyright/patent troll about to get their upcoming. Personally, I think if they are found to have bogus claims and intentionally tried to defraud that they should be tried criminally under the Rico Act. I am a big fan of Redhat, but I am disappointed they allegedly sided with MS. I hope I4I puts MS in there place. Highly disappoints me that the Android (Android is not Linux) being developed so loosely where you almost have to have virus or the like protection. There needs to be a lot more control over the project. Ubuntu (Ubuntu is not gnu linux) is allegedly having the same issues. “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” as someone once said.

Robot in progress:

A mind as well as a computer is a terrible thing to waste. Have a safe and fun holliday weekend.