Added another piece of geek wear to the family line. This makes a third men’s accessory that can be created from old computer parts. Always looking for new ways to re-purpose what we have. The first accessory we came up with was the geek belt:

Down where I live bolo’s or a sort of tie substitute are a big thing. so we came up with the geek bolo:

In fact, you could use it to carry around a working network patch cable. Beauty and functionality combined.

The newest member of the group is the Geek cuff links:

Shame I do not have a French cuff shirt to really show them off. Doing all that work sort of makes me hungry.

If you can hack computers, why not get into hacking food. You do not have to depend on the Pizza deliveryman. What is more interesting is that it is a way to fill in down time if you have any. Why not make your own pizzas. Two of my favorite pizzas are soda bread pizza 1, soda bread pizza 2, and good old yeast pizza.

You may want to get into other hacking such as making your own cheese, bread, and tomato sauce.

Last of all, if you are tire of pizza, you can always make your own fast food clones such as the mcmuffin and the homemade quarterpounder (meat weight before cooking).

You can find these and other fine hacks at