Sure that a Nook is a neat thing with the ability to be allegedly like a touchpad and cheaper than most touchpads. For me I would as soon as get a used laptop and add a battery pack. Probably would come out ahead. My brother bought a nook and rooted it. Last I talked to him, he really loved it.

Spent a lot of time lately working on recipes for the family cookbook. You can find them at One I am sort of proud of is making pasta sauce using a large can of tomato juice. Making recipes is a sort of hacking. Thanks to all who have looked at our projects. We reached seventy-five thousand peekaboos.

One quickie instructable I did to use your pc with electronics is Schools might be interested in it to save on the school budget.

Who needs a hard drive.

HP has started some free online computer classes at:

It really grieves us for the tragedy in Japan. Thought about adopting a homeless family from there, but then I do not speak a word of Japanese.

IBM has some really good web based resources for programmers.