Had not set up an ltsp server in a long long time. Just to keep my fingers in it, I took an 800 mhz amd single core system to use as the server. I think it had Jaunty on it. Upgraded to lucid. The system already had two nics in it so it made things easier. Installed ltsp. Started the thin clients. Worked a lot better than I imagined. Sound worked out of the box on the thin clients. (after loading some codecs). Did not try flash (or install what was needed) as I had other things to do. The only bad thing about it is the old thin clients I have will not work with it. Need a bit more horse power. I will be looking for bargains on replacements.

My brother bought a B&N Nook and did the 2.x android thing to it. He really loves it. He stated that it had about 7 hours usage available per charge. Wifi works with his android version. He also swapped out some of the apps such as the browser to get better utility from them. More incentive to set up a android development environment. He can test apps without me having to purchase a device with android on it.

Sometimes I unplug my regular network from provider box so I can do some experimentation. I pulled out an old airlink router for use with a temporary network. It worked great till I hooked it to the converter box. Seems the wan port is mucked up. Will have to reset it and see what happens. Cost some time to diagnose that issue.

Updated my instructable about doing home security with an old computer. Some of the interfaces had the wrong values after rechecking some of the research. Will test again soon as I can make a good joystick port breakout cable.

Upgraded an old k2-500 with 192 meg of ram to Debian Squeeze and installed lxde, so I did not have to use gnome. One really down was it did not support my wireless nic out of the box so to speak. There goes my honeypot. Had a usb nic and it worked fine after downloading and installing the firmware.

Looks like I have a bunch of wireless cards that are useless now. I have not taken time to recompile the code so maybe all is not lost.

Bought this old karaoke amp from good will for 5 bucks a while back Bought some rca male ends to adapt the wires from the speakers. Need to check the required impedance though for both. Will make an interesting computer speaker system if it all falls together. A backup practice guitar amp at the least.

Cut the wire from a joystick I never used so I can make a joystick port breakout cable. There are some real opportunities with the joystick port. 4 dacs and 4 digital inputs. That could lead to some fun.

Found a spare isa printer port card. I plan to use that in an old P3 robot I am working on.

Not that the new linux sound system is allegedly working right. I would like to have a system with 4 sound cards and see what mischief can be had.

Time to do some Honey-dos….