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Started a new contract job, so I have not had the time to tinker as I have wanted to. At least they feed us for free. The way to a developer’s weak points.

Saw an article where someone had interfaced an old isa sound card to the parallel port. That had me thinking about using micro-controllers with the old isa stuff. Daydreamed of using a parallax propeller chip and several old sound cards to make one awesome computer controlled organ. Wish I had the engineering background to put to fruition some of the ideas that have come to me either through others or on my own.

Need to build a new file server. I have the parts, but need to put it together. I will try to offload the not so needed stuff to media. Most of what I back up is code and research from the web. We do not really keep any third party entertainment stuff unless it is to look at later. Even then we usually dispose of it after watching it. Can not see a reason to waste money on music and movies. Most of it is junk anyway.

I understand that bluray support is out now for Linux. At least it is with Mythtv. Still have not redone my machine. Too tired to get anything done.

Waiting for my last batch of electronics, so I can finnish build my robots and other energy saving projects.

Well I grabbed some 2n3904 transistors to act as solid state switches and now have the computer controlled xmas tree (battery powered) lights up and running. Still have to tweak the circuit and the code a bit though. The basic circuit before adapting it. Planning to use the parallel breakout cable to connect things to the pc.…ort-break-out/. Good place for code and interfacing:

Also plan to add a heat sensor or two, so if things get too hot the pc will be shut down automatically. Have not built that interface circuit yet. Pretty simple though. I am not an electronics technician by any shape or means, but I can read.

Hope you are having a good Holiday! All for now.