Started a new contract project, so my time might be even less. Do like to chat when I can. Waiting on some more parts. That will be it for a while. Have forty six instructables now and working on six more.

Thought I would test using diodes from old radios and resistors hooked to the joystick port as temperature sensors. You should be able to do the same thing with some transistors. Unwanted electronics have a wealth of reusable parts. Just found another dead washer I can use the copper wire from it as part of a vawt. It is a challenge to get to the electric motor though. Bought a ceiling fan for fifteen dollars to do the same thing, but I now that I have the anohter dryer, it will stay intact.

Doing some more refining to the stepper motor and servo motor routines. Corrected/updated some php routines on my local web server. Wrote some other code also. All for now.