Sort of put a lot of hardware projects off to the side for a while. That includes giving up on my robot. Having a change of heart. it is time to get back into the mix. I have always said that a computer is a robot without legs. What’s going on?

Found some motors from tearing apart old printers, Instead of using transistors, I decided to use l293d ic’s. That should make things easier to build and control. Ordered a range finder which is not here yet. Its beginning to come together,

Probably will take the now unused wooden old rickety ladder and bolt on some green motherboards to make an imitation weird geeky xmas tree. I bought some battery operated light strings that I will interface with the parallel port of a computer that will sit underneath the tree. Amazing what 2n3904 transistors can do. Virtual solid state switches. To make it all work, I wrote (and compiled) about twenty routines in freebasic to control the lighting sequence of the strings. The show takes about five minutes to run through,

With the cold weather already on us, I thought about making some temperature sensors that would work with the joystick on the computer. Even if they are not that accurate they can warn of extremes in temperature. Something to consider with keeping an eye on pipes and the such. Might make a version that would work for the barbecue pit to let me know when the meat has come near the perfect temperature.

Found this nice little javascript based egg time program at The insomniac society. I cut it down a bit for my own use locally. Nice little free gift for the chef in the family. Sure the author would appreciate a token if you like it.

Still have about six or seven instructables I am working on. More later.