Happy holidays, whatever they might be. On that note postings will probably still be light till after the first of the year.

As for ““www.instructables.com/member/carboman/”, there are 5 or more instructables in the process of being done. So keep an eye out for those.

At one time, I revelled in the fact that I could multiple boot several computer operating systems. You know the names. But at that time the software was diverse between them. Now that software has pretty much the same across platforms, there is no real need for that environment any more. Not only that but the time it takes to update all the operating systems becomes inane. Let me just have just one to deal with and I will be happy.

The government now wants to have access and control over our private networks. To me that is tantamount to invasion of privacy and in violation of the third amendment. Our president who is so touted to be and expert on constitutional law, sure seems to flaunt and disregard it in our faces. I.E. Coica, and etc. It is ironic that a president who had both houses in his pocket could not get things done. To add insult to injury, he blames it on the dissenting members of the other party. Typical of someone of his color to blame all his troubles on someone else and not take any responsibility himself. There are more and more people of his own party who wished they had not voted for him. What is even more insulting is he expects everyone to agree with him whether they like it or not as if it was un-American not to support him on all points. He and his health plan can go take a flying leap. I do not want change as everything was fine till a certain party messed everything up.

We are the process of making our own intranet and taking everything off the internet. Hopefully we will have more privacy in doing that, but yet still have the same computing power.