Something is not usable when man closes his mind to opportunity. True story: the original version of anti-freeze was a by product that was being disposed of. Dow just threw it away so to speak. Someone noticed what could be done with it by accident and made a mint of an industry to doing it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “It ain’t dead till I say it is.” anonymous. Open your mind and think outside the box. Example a vcr (much like a computer) is not just a vcr. it is a orchestra of components that can be separated and used for other things. If you can’t do that or do not want to do that then let someone have it who can. Don’t just throw it away, give it to a “maker”. “Thall shalt re-purpose” should be the eleventh commandment. Recycling just provides free raw materials for greedy companies. I would prefer to reuse the raw materials myself. Even plastic soft drink bottles can be cleaned and then melted down to be reshaped into bowls, plates, or whatever. A backyard barbecue pit can be used for more than just cooking.

You can teach old computers new tricks.

Hints for using your wiimote with linux.

Packages to use your wiimote with linux.
$ sudo apt-cache search wii
[sudo] password for me:
gtkwhiteboard – GTK+ Wiimote Whiteboard
libcwiid1 – library to interface with the wiimote
libcwiid1-dev – library to interface with the wiimote — development
libcwiimote-0.4 – simple nintendo wii remote framework
libcwiimote-dev – simple nintendo wii remote framework (development files)
lswm – wiimote discover utility
python-cwiid – library to interface with the wiimote
transfermii – transfer your mii from and to your wiimotes
transfermii-gui – transfer your mii from and to your wiimotes
wiipdf – present a PDF file using your wiimote
wmgui – GUI interface to the wiimote
wminput – Userspace driver for the wiimote
xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote – XBMC Media Center (Event Client WII Remote support package)

Built an air cannon. It’s neat. Thinking about building tiny ones and use sonar via linux to control and fire them.

MSWindows to linux software equivalents