Guess we are down to three unfinished articles. I do not want to start anything new till I get caught up. The blog itself is never finished. I do add to existing articles on occasion without mentioning them. Do not be afraid to scan back through the articles.

Do not want to forget anything….

The “Cloud” is just another word for timesharing. Os is installed.
Keep talking. Updated
Mcguyvered network. Updated.

What’s coming? (updated) We have several things in store:

On going articles about computers and computing.

1. Four sound card PC for Halloween mischief (Need to upgrade the os on that box for this).
2. Hooking computers to sporting equipment including building hybrid sensing devices. (looking for a stationary bike)
3. A series on using old pc’s for robotics, including extracting motors and other usable parts. (Building a robot now for the blog)
4 Home automation. (including using web cams as security cameras)
5. Batch programming basics and other code projects as we go along..
6. Booting a computer from a web server. (Just have to write the article. May combine this with 9 for something really interesing)
7. The honeypot is up and running and being tweaked go look for an update to the article.
8. Build an off the internet internet to do penetration testing.
9. Play with a live dvd version of ltsp. (just have to write the article).
10. PXE and GPXE and how to boot diskless.
11. Might be computer science etc as we go along.
More to come………