There is a program that I had not played with in a long time. It did not seem to be stable back then, but amazingly trying it today was awesome. The program is called Xrdp. Xrdp allows your linux box to act like a Microsoft Windows terminal server (network required), but you will be hosting linux based programs instead of Microsoft windows software. To install it on Debian linux just use the package manager or you can do it at the command line with:

$ sudo apt-get install xrdp.
or (preferred)
$ sudo aptitude install xrdp.

You then need to is set up users with “users and groups”, if they have not been set up already. Quickie command line: (Debian will prompt you for the password and etc)

$ sudo useradd [username]
$ sudo passwd [username]
enter username’s password (twice)

I am assuming you know how to set up and use a thin client. If not ask your local techie. Using the thin client will vary, but most people familiar with mswindows should be able to figure it out or read the manual. Just look for the terminal server software client. login and you have a debian desktop on a mswindows thin client. Albeit this system is not secure, you can have a quick office setup at bargain basement prices. In any case a thin client will be in the garage. I can not wait to try this trick with mythtv. It will be interesting. later.

The Instructable version of this article.
Do it with XP pro:

That just gave me a great idea for a (lcd + thin client) project to use as a picture frame, a wall mounted kitchen computer, and or a garage computer that will not be bothered by dust.

Check out this link:
Thin client mods