Geek Bucket list. (from “Daily cup of tech”)
Done Item Web Reference
1. Add a Third Monitor
2. Build a Linux Firewall
3. Build a Network File Server
4. Build a PC
5. Build a Robot
6. Build an HTML based Website using Notepad
7. Bypass a Computer Password on All Major Operating Systems
8. Bypass School or Work Website Blocks
9. Carry a Computer Cleaning Arsenal on Your USB Drive
10. Compile a Linux Kernel
11. Control Your House Lights with a Computer
12. Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files
13. Crack a Wi-Fi Password
14. Create “Hello, World” in at Least Five Different Programming languages
15. Create a Disposable E-Mail Account
16. Create a Recovery Drive Image of Your Computer
17. Create a WordPress Plugin
18. Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch
19. Create an Add-On for Firefox
20. Create an SSH Tunnel
21. Create Music with Keyboard
22. Design and Build a Circuit Board
23. Do Cool Things to Altoids Tins
24. Download a Video from YouTube
25. Download Wikipedia
26. Execute a Shell Script
27. Find a Users IP Address on AIM
28. Find a Website IP Address Without Web/CommandPrompt Access
29. Flash System BIOS
30. Hack a Pop Machine
31. Hack a USB Drive Startup File
32. Hide a File Behind a JPEG
33. Homebrew Hack Game Systems
34. Increase Wi-Fi Range
35. Install a Content Management System for a Website
36. Irrecoverably Protect Data
37. Jailbreak an iPhone
38. Know the Meaning of Technical Acronyms
39. Know Who Mulder and Scully Are
40. Learn and Write Javascript
41. Learn At Least One Fictional Language
42. Learn Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems
43. Learn How to Convert a DVD to x264 (or XviD or DivX)
44. Learn How to Hot Wire a Car
45. Learn How to Install Mac OS X on a PC
46. Learn How to Reset RAM
47. Learn Important Keyboard Shortcuts
48. Learn the Fastest way to Kill a Computer
49. Learn to Identify Keyloggers
50. Learn to Identify Major Constellations
51. Load Rockbox onto an MP3 Player
52. Lock Your Computer with a USB Drive
53. Make a Cat5 Patch and Crossover Cable
54. Make a Laptop Cooling Pad
55. Make Your Office Ergonomic
56. Mod a Flash Drive Case
57. Monitor Network Traffic
58. Mount and ISO in a Virtual DVD Drive
59. Move Completely To Open Source
60. Permanently Delete Data on a Hard Drive
61. Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
62. Pick a Lock
63. Play a Geek Practical Joke
64. Play Retro Games without Retro Consoles
65. Put LEDs Inside a Light Bulb
66. Put Open Source Firmware on a Router
67. Read 1337 At Normal Speed
68. Recover Deleted Files
69. Recover Master Boot Record
70. Register Your Name as an Internet Domain
71. Remotely Control a Computer
72. Replace a Laptop Keyboard
73. Replacing a Laptop LCD
74. Retrieve Data off Hard Drive
75. Rip Streaming Videos
76. Run an Operating System from a USB Thumb Drive
77. Run Multiple Computers with one Keyboard and Mouse
78. Run Operating System inside a Virtual Computer
79. Run Your Own Ethernet Line
80. Screw with Wi-Fi Leeches
81. Setup a Computer in the Cloud
82. Setup a Streaming Media Server
83. Setup a VPN
84. Setup an Apache, MySQL, Mail, PHP server on Windows and Linux
85. Shrink a Website URL
86. Soldering Glasses Together
87. Strip Windows DRM
88. Surf the Web Anonymously
89. Survive in a Linux Argument
90. Tethering a Smartphone
91. Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame
92. Turn Webcams into Security Cameras
93. Unbrick a Smartphone
94. Understand What “There’s no Place Like″ Means
95. Unleash a Laser Pointer’s full potential
96. Unlock an iPhone
97. Upload a Video to YouTube
98. Use a Camera in Manual Mode
99. Use Bittorrent Effectively
100. Wire a Home Theatre System