Do plan to finish up a few of the articles, but there should be enough info as is. Two down and three to go. Most recent articles planned for completion by the end of March:

The “Cloud” is just another word for timesharing. Os is installed.
Keep talking. Still doing some recabling around the place.
You are in control. Added a link.
Home-made-podcasting-tools done.
Hdtv-antennas-why-not-wifi-antennas-also done.

Bought a low end heat gun. Already freed lots of parts from old circuit boards. Two of the buzzers we freed will probably become microphones for the podcast setup.

We are in the process of finally getting our video/podcast studio set up. That is the reason for the delay in completion of some of the articles. Making the mixer and extra microphones at this point.

We are considering a project to use a pda plus an nslu2 as sort of a wearable computer.