Public libraries are are great place to go for knowledge even though with the internet they seem to have the possibility of extinction. Good old fashion books do not require batteries, do not require some kind of internet connection, and can be reread without paying an additional fee. It scares time that the movie “Fahrenheit 451” could become a reality with all the Copyright czars and their what to me is selfish needs. When I find a book I really like, I will go to a used bookstore such as “Half-price books” to see if they have the books I care about. Computer and tech books seem to have become fairly rare when I go in there. I must admit, I have not been in lately though. Time to go back and take a gander. You should too go to your favorite used bookstore.

They publisher I have the most of is from O’Reilly. I must have at least thirty titles from them about linux, unix and bsd. I have bought a lot of their books brand new. Though the technology may change, it never hurts to have them as a reference point for legacy systems. Recently, my attention also also been focused on the Extreme tech series from Wiley. Three books that are on my shelf are PC Toys (Microsoft oriented), Linux Toys, and Linux Toys II. They have some other fine titles, but those are the ones I keep going back through to get all the techie ideas I can. One last publisher, I like is PeachPit press for their Visual Quickstart Series. The books though not do not go into extreme depth, they do get you going very quickly on a subject so you can go into a greater depth very quickly as you do more research.

Please never stop reading and never stop learing. Doing so you help you to live longer to keep the brain active. To keep the powers that be happy, I have no financial interests from or with any of the vendors I have discussed in this short article. In any case I have lots of books on the shelf that I have not read yet. They will be like opening a present on the holidays for sure hen I start to read the books. Of the books I have read, I like to have them as a reference, like I used to use the Encyclopedia when I was a child. Great people have always been avid readers. If you have kids or grandchildren, please read to them. Knowledge is the greatest gift you can give anyone. Sharing knowledge does not cost a cent. Visit your public library soon. What you know is what makes you.