We have been wondering what else to do with electronic stuff I would even think should go to the dumpster. It is not a new idea, but now I plan to take full advantage of trying to re-purpose even worthless items. Actually I had a need for a belt, because my old belt had had it’s time. What would I do as the stores were closed. I had a spare buckle. I also had some old network cabling that had not been thrown out yet. When I was a child in scouts, you always had to do all kinds of art projects and the like. In fact, basket weaving was the last thing I thought I would ever use again. Low and behold the old skill of weaving comes in handy here for making a belt and many other things. You do not even have to keep submerging the wire on water to keep it supple. Not only did I make a belt, but made a cat5 bolo. Both make for quick conversation.

Our next project is to wire together old motherboards to make knick-knack shelves for the garage. You can never have too many shelves for the garage. They probably will not hold anything real heavy, but they can accommodate lots of goodies anyway. Will probably come up with some kind of the same scheme for using old bookcase for the garage also. Of course, I am working on an uber barbecue pit with some of the cases also. Need to get a glue gun for the holding the cases together as shelves. The barbecue will be welded together.

Of course we will use the time honored technique of using computer chips for making jewelry and various knick-knacks. My goal is to make them without solder and use the least amount of glue possible to make the project feasible. This is something the whole family can participate in. Who knows coat hangers might play a part in that.

We have some shelves that have given up over the years and are broken mess. We bought some pvc pipe to redo the shelves. and it looks like six dollars worth of pvc will actually yield two full shelving units from just the one original unit. They are computer parts per se but they have held computer tools and books for many a year. They are part of the systems as far as I am concerned.

Distant plans are to take a heavy wood plank and build a server rack. I will cut it in half to make the front sides for attaching the units and then use ancillary wood to hold the whole system together. You just keep coming up with ideas if you use your noggin. Good luck and so long for now.

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