We will not be getting an Ipad and I will not waste time discussing it. Time to finish up four articles that are not quite done yet. There is both an iphone and an Ipod touch in my brother’s family. If you have an ipod touch, iphone, or ipad then here are two links for less expensive alternatives if you want to develop software for them:

While we are on the subject, A touch tablet would be perfect for the kitchen. Hanging it on the wall would certainly be advantageous for not taking any shelf space. You could always have a wireless keyboard around for heavy duty input. The keyboard could be mounted ont he side of the cabinet when not in use. I can see not only doing the web and other messaging, but as a great web interface for accessing a web based recipe and kitchen inventory system. You could even use it for the tradition not on the refrigerator replacement.

That opens up another interesting opportunity. If our kitchen was not gas, but all electric instead, we could interface the kitchen appliances with the computer for all kinds of interesting possibilities. I know that those kitchens are available if you want to redo your kitchen for many dollars. I still think you could have extreme functionality with some home grown tech.

If you go to the kitchen, then you have to go to the garage and add one there also. All the on-line how to shows and web resources are at your fingertips. You could watch or surf the web for help sites while you work. Chances are the touchpad could be less sensitive to dust or what ever also. Personally I use a fan-less thin client for my needs. Lot less expensive than the touchpad and works just fine. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.