After making the original coat hanger antenna, I started thinking of other ideas. Of course I made a second coat hanger antenna. Now I am thinking making a wifi antenna using coat hangers in some way. Now I seem to be finding other uses for the coat hangers. I have made a copy holder/magazine/book stand and even a drop down keyboard shelf for a server rack.

Probably will not spend any more time on those kinds of projects except I do plan to make a rack to hold up old circuit boards so they can hang above a mini barbecue pit. With the heat from the pit will melt the solder and free up a lot of parts for reuse. Even a battery holder from a motherboard is a couple of dollars brand new. Once the boards are free of parts they can be used for other things such as making boxes or mini shelves.

Other projects, I am working on is taking permanent magnets out of old drives and also taking copper wire from old monitors/tv’s to make generators and motors. I am extracting a motor from a dryer to make electricity or to use as a basis for other tools such as a lathe drill and or whatever. I also have a an old gas edger engine that will become part of a power source such as a generator.

One of the neatest projects I have seen lately is the inflatable concrete building. Might be interesting to look at. There are also projects using sugar as a simple battery especially for cellphones. Ground batteries like used for telegraph machines in the 1800’s could be possibility also. We plan to test using water as a hydrogen/oxygen power source for ovens. The future is limitless.

Found a guitar cable at Radio Shack for 11 dollars to to use with the modified guitar we made in an earlier episode. Thank goodness there are some places that are not into ripping people off. To go along with the guitar, I took the extra buzzer (transducer) I had and made and soldered a cable to it so I could use it as a microphone.

Interesting note that Fry’s now sells networking devices under their own name instead of airlink101 or airlink+. In fact the routers are using open source software and linux in particular. Fry’s was selling blue tooth adapters real cheap. Plan to build and interception antenna.

One short note,. I do plan to update all the articles for categories.