Their are different kinds of computer brains (cpus). All cpus are able use instructions provided by programmers. There are different instructions for different cpu’s. So a programmer has to learn varying instructions over time to handle different cpu’s. Even with that some cpu’s will use a larger set of instructions and they are know as ciscs. Other cpu’s use a smaller or reduced set of instructions or what is known as a risc. The attiny cpu I am about to use is a risc. Less instructions to learn to program the cpu and makes the cpu more efficient for the specific things it can do. We will do something simple with this unit, but it makes for basics of robotics.

Quickie interfacing.

Try at your own risk. (parallel port)
I removed the other circuits because they did not work. I have since found a possibly more reliable circuit. After I have tested it. I will confirm it.
The circuit I plan to test. I used 1 k resistors.

Parallel Port >> Avr Function
Pin 07 >> /RESET
Pin 08 >> resistor >> SCK (clock input)
Pin 09 >> resistor >> MOSI (instruction in)
Pin 10 >> resistor >> MISO (data out)
Pin 18 >> Signal Ground

Source : Avrdude
Put the avr chip on a solderless breadboard. Downloaded the Avr code compler compiler and the program to push the compiled code to the chip. Will finish up later.

Re-soldered a new connector based on the latest circuit.

Home automation link.

I am going to add these two links and move on.
Linux sprinkler system
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