I hope you enjoy…
Merry Christmas Linux

Twas the night before Christmas
And all round the house
the only thing stirring
Were me and my mouse?

I was working with windows
It was making me fractious,
And I knew that quite soon
I would have to take actions.

It slowed and it stuttered
And finally froze
Then showed a “blue screen” at the end of my nose,
My anger was rising and thoughts turned quite bad,
“PC through the window, was one that I had”

But my genetics and lineage ensured my calm;
And decided, the computer should come to no harm.
The O/S is to blame, and will never improve
I was conned by Bill Gates and this upgraded move.

Then I had an idea as I sat in my muse,
I have other options like Mandrake or Suse;
Or Debian, Red Hat, or Fedora Core,
PClinux, Ubuntu and so many more..

So I set to downloading a distro named Ubuntu;
And burned a CD for this data to use too,
It all went so smoothly,”I waited for hitches”,
As my mind was attuned to the Microsoft glitches!

I entered the disc in my CD Rom drive
And sat back, and watched my PC come alive,
As it smoothly installed the O/S Ubuntu 9.10.
I know I will never use windows again.

So to all you users of Microsoft software,
With its viruses, Trojans, and various Malware,
Blue screens, and freezes, and drivers to find,
Registry problems that muddle the mind
Take a leaf out of my book, “give Linux a try”,
Its all free of charge, with no programs to buy,
With so many versions of this excellent kernel
The choices you have are almost eternal

So download a distro that won’t cost a penny,
The flavours of linux are varied and many
You’ll find one to suit, I’m sure of this;
And using your PC, will once more be bliss.

One more!

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the LAN.
Not a problem apparent.
All is right with the SAN.

I in my P.J.’s
and XBox in front of me
had just settled down to play Halo 3.

Then my Blackberry
with buzzing and clatter
signaled via SMS
that something was the matter.

A server is down.
Not responding, can’t ping.
Can’t RDP, SSH, iLO or VNC.

After acknowledging the alert
I hopped in my car.
With only a quick stop
for some Jolt and a Snickers bar.

Minutes later at the data center
I arrived out of breath.
Soon to find my server
with a blue screen of death.

An automatic update
which my server did not agree,
was the cause of my shiny, new blue screen.

A system restore
brought the server online.
I logged in and disabled
updates this time.

After closing the ticket
and feeling thrown under a bus,
I made plans for after Christmas
to configure WSUS.

2:00AM, back at home
I checked once more
for alerts on my phone.

All appears well
I drank a cap full of Maalox.
I laid my head down
and dreamed of Linux.