Web applications have many benefits. they allow you to use an application anywhere where the is net access to a server. so it makes it nice that you do not have to carry around a plethora of software for working on systems. If you are new to unix, bsd, or the like permissions can be fun Here is a quick application that can be installed on your web server to help make the job easier.

Here is the code for the application and a simple cut and paste away from use. You should also be able to load it directly into your web browser.

chmod (File Permissions) helper
Permission Owner Group Other
Read (r = 4)
Write (w=2)
Execute (x=1)
Octal: =
Symbolic: =

You can set up a dirty, quick, temporary, un-secure, simple HTTP server to share files and to test plain html code (It will not work with these apps). I have only tried it on linux so far.

alias webshare=’python -c “import SimpleHTTPServer;SimpleHTTPServer.test()”‘
#cd to directory to be served
webshare # ctrl-c to exit.

Full test un-secured web server
Other servers:
Lamp (third party ubuntu)
Have fun!