Interesting year. All of the sudden, everyone wanted to be in the open source business this year including the takeover of companies specializing in unix and linux based software. A lot of companies tried to take Linux for their own and then were caught with their pants down. Zillions of companies exerted legal muscle with their bully tactics using software patents. Electronic ink in specialized hand held devices started to be a big thing. Something you could do with most any laptop. The “Cloud” became the new buzz word for the same old same old internet. Artistic copyrights were wielded in a such way that bordered on Nazism. It may even get worse with the passage of ACTA. The use of virtual machines grew dramatically. Next year may prove to be even more interesting.

My favorite scanner crapped out. At least I have a backup or redundant unit, but it’s not set it up yet. Oh well , the old scanner has been dismantled to extract working parts to be re-purposed. Had to do that for quite a few things this year.

Well, next year is the year of the tiger and usually a very good year. Maybe the health care as well as the technology industry will do a bit better in this next year. With all th devices that are being converted to usb use, maybe electrical consumption will go on the decline and reduce the need to use resources from self serving despots. Who know what ill happen.

As this year comes to a close, we wish you and the people you care about a special holidays.