My name is computoman and I do not know anything about computers, but I did spent ten years impersonating an IT tech/Admin at a local college, eight years impersonating a computer science adjunct instructor at a different local college, and five years impersonating a small family computer store consultant(aka salesman). Have used more operating systems that I want to remember. Currently I am early retired and do part-time computer work when I not coding simple educational games or installing firmware on a new toy.

If it had a keyboard, I have probably either owned it or used it. Probably my most favored legacy computers are the Commodore 64 aka c=64 and the Trs-80 model III aka the Trash80. I was lucky enough to take a 6510 assembly class from the late Jim Butterfield. Also lucky to have my first program published in the TRS-80 magazine.

Today, I use most what still might be considered legacy machines as my newest systems are only early socket 478 based systems. Most of my servers are Pentium II/III based. There are a few AMD pentium III class boxes also laying around. I do like to play with thin clients. Have pxe and will network. I think I still have quite a few “AT” based mamaboards and corresponding parts in the closet. Now I am trying to get into electronics/robots to complement my love of computers.

When is he going to talk about linux? Well here it goes. Back in the 1980’s I worked in a computer store as I said earlier. A good friend of mine that I met through the store tried to get me into slackware. The zillion disk floppy install sort of turned me off. I had worked on unix systems so working with it was not that all unfamiliar. I kept an eye on it and Redhat when it came out. Then in the 1990’s people would start giving me their old computers after they upgraded. I also went to Goodwill stores and the like to pick up cheap equipment. Before I knew it I had more than I bargained for. I could not afford Redmond Washington based software for all the systems. The linux came back to the forefront. I have not stopped using linux since.

As most people know, I am also an advocate of re-purposing old equipment. That gets me in trouble with family members sometimes. There is a computer almost everywhere in the house for everything. I promised to cut back, but people still give me machines to play with. At least it makes it easy to replace dying machines. If it has a cpu, it is running bsd or linux. I have rambled on long enough, but you did get the short version. I do not have a podcast, but I do have a blog and a twitter account if you want to visit. or