A quick post to answer a commenter question from lucesitam.

I would like to learn Ubuntu Server (not desktop). The server edition does not have a desktop and is command prompt based. I am very familiar with Windows and Windows Servers, IIS 5 and IIS 6 as well as with MS-DOS. What I am looking to do is to be able to set up an experimental Linux web server. I have installed Apache on Windows test servers successfully but would like to do so with Linux. How long would it take a typical person with my level of knowledge to learn how to set up and administer a Linux webserver? Thank you.

Thank you for your comments. Certainly having a bit of computer experience will help, but you sort of have to let go of how things are done on mswindows in some ways. You definitely need to know a bit about bash programming language which you can use a search engine to locate sites with tutorials. You also need to understand the linux file structure, file permissions, and how to keep the system secure. With ubuntu you can tell the system to add the lamp stack during installation but just checking a box. if you choose to wait till later there is a one line command to install the lamp stack. The http://www.howtoforge.com site has some cookbook recipes for setting up various servers. You have too remember with linux servers there is no point and clicky to control a server. everything is controlled from the keyboard. You need to be able to use a linux server box as if their was no other system available to use. That being said there is webmin and phpmyadmin to make things easier. You never stop learning about how to administering a system. It just depends on how much you want to learn that determines the time to becoming proficients at it. Every person is different,so I hesitate to suggest a time it would take to get up to speed. You will spend most of you time learning linux in the command line environment and the least amount of time at first to set up a server. Good luck.