We operate a small school and the web server allows us to use computer aided instruction with programs like Moodle, Drupal, and Claroline. No need for expensive text books, All the educational material is on-line for students to download. Cuts administration costs dramatically. In fact all the school administration records are on-line but on another server. Backup is done regularly and automatically. Server almost runs it self. The biggest job is to keep the content current. Here are some of the classes we offer:


Class Code Class Title Class Descripton
A1001 Introduction to Bookkeeping 1 Terminology and Basics
A1002 Introduction to Bookkeeping 2 Sole Proprietorships
A2001 Intermediate Bookkeeping 1 Partnerships
A2002 Intermediate Bookkeeping 2 Other entities
M1001 Management Tools 1 Budgets
M2001 Management Tools 2 Business Plans
M3001 Management Tools 3 Other Subjects


Class Code Class Title Class Descripton
C1001 Introduction to Computing 1 Terminology and Basics
C1002 Introduction to Computing 2 Operating Systems Overview
C1003 Introduction to Computing 3 Application Software Overview
O2001 Office Applications 1 Open Office Word Processing
O2002 Office Applications 2 Open Office Database
O2003 Office Applications 3 Open Office Spreadsheet
O2004 Office Applications 4 Other Application Software
S2001 Operating Systems 1 System Management
S2002 Operating Systems 2 Software Installations
S3001 Operating Sysems 3 Networking
S3002 Operating Systems 4 Web (Lamp) Servers
S3003 Operating Systems 5 Terminal Servers
S3004 Operating Sysems 6 Other Servers
P1001 Programing 1 Structure and logic
P2001 Programing 2 Introduction to Languages
P3001 Programing 3 Programing Projects