It is amazing what you can do with older equipment when you give it a chance. Are you really sure you want to chunk that old machine? We have an internal web server that is run on a Dell GX1 Pentium II based computer.

Some of the applications we use are:

About us
Mediawiki, wordpress, habari

Student forums
smf ,phpBB, vanilla

openemr, claroline1811, Drupal, Moodle, ledgersmb

gallery2, mediatomb, firefly, icecast

Staff tools
ledgersmb, webcal, groupoffice, orangehrm, Squirrelmail, Sugarcrm, ooz_v16, SimpleSpreadsheet, os commerce

Virtual desktop:
eyeOS, opengoo

calculator, cron calculator, chmod calculator, food measurement calculator, ipaddress calculator, resistor color calculator

School services
online library, class listings, sylabus’s, and etc.

Our private web server.

Our private web server.