As with all computer equipment you have to do software upgrades. That saves you having to get a new piece of equipment every time things change. Your systems do not become obsolete so quick. I decided to upgrade a router or the part that allows computers to connect to the internet. To upgrade the router you send a file known as firmware to it. You reboot and and all is well. In this case the file I uploaded was bad for some reason. When that happens the router will lock up and not restart. Sometimes this is known as bricking.

That is what happened to my roiuter. I could not get on the internet. Frustration royal! I thought it was broken. Fortunately I had an older router as a backup unit. I After inserting all the cables and adding power. I was on the internet again, but not the way I wanted. Took a break for a while to let off the frustration royal.

After resting a while, I almost went down to the store to get a replacement, but I said to myself, there has to be a better way. I re-purpose everything else, why not do it with this unit. I went on the web and did some research about routers that were bricked like mine. Fortunately I found an article that had a fairly simple fix. I also looked for a more dependable firmware and then downloaded it. Time to take a break for a sec or two.

Back to the action. The article went into how I had to open it just momentarily hook up a wire while the unit was off so the router would re-accept firmware. I opened the router and did that. Cool, soon I would have my old router back. I also had to send the firmware to the unit. Unfortunately I could not use a mouse driven or gui program to it. I had to go to the command line and type in instructions to get the firmware to the router. One command was to see if the router was listening or what is called a ping. I pinged it and the router was there. Once I saw the router was listening, I used tftp to put the firmware on the router. Firmware sent and it was time to reset the router. Viola it works again. If I had saved my router settings, I could have sent those details to the router also. I chose to enter the settings manually.

After putting the case back together, I replaced the backup router with my fixed router and hooked up the wires. I did have to wait a short bit will the network re-established itself. The router had too get a wan ip address or srt of a network phone number so the internet would work with it. Wonderful I am back on the net with my original router. Thank goodness I took the time to get on the net and look for a solution. People give me old equipment that they think does not work anymore. Fortunately for me I usually get it back to work. I then have some free equipment. Most people do not care about giving the old stuff away as I try to do special things for them also. It all works out. “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” And at the beginning I thought it was broken.

Note: You do not want to take anything apart that is under warranty. Use your warranty to fix any problems. IF you do take something apart be sure to head any warning labels first. Also be sure to safely disconnect any power to the unit. hack at yuour own risk!