We we received two more Pentium II computers. One replaced a dying machine and the other added to our farm of old Dell Optiplex computers. I was able to swap around cases so that an Athlon based machine I had was put into a much better case. We have not had to purchase a new machine in quite a few years thanx to the donations and that linux and bsd is supporting older hardware.

I retried the install of mswindows 7rc, but It did not want to support the hardware I had. It did run a bit better than the original version,but no where to the performance of Linux. I erased the drive and put debian linux on the machine. It works fantastic now. There are some new versions of linux out and and I will probably test them all in a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a piece of software that emulates a computer within a computer. I have run mswindows xp in a virtual machine on linux. No need to have a second computer to run xp.

Tried the new software called Android that will be and is used on some mobile phones. Very interesting. It is so neat that you can software on different machines even though they are different. That is what so nice about linux you can try before you buy. Only now are proprietary software companies trying to copy this idea. Before you brought a new operating system home after paying for it and if it did not work right, you were stuck. Hopefully, that will be a thing of the past.

Now that HD television is being pushed on the public, I wanted a way to still use our televisions despite the fact that media providers want them to go away. I see not reason to dispose of perfectly good equipment. We do have the converters but they are a hassle. Most of the newer tv’s and monitors have a variety of ways to connect vvideo and audio to the units. Older tv’s do not. We have one tv that only takes coaxial analog input. I am tempted to make that a dedicated game monitor for the older game systems once we can budget a new digital monitor/tv. The last resort would be to dismantle the tv for parts to use in science projects. We do have one tv that will take the older composite and svideo. A lot of vga cards have output to support hat mode. so it will become a giant computer monitor for training classes. I have one of those old portable battery powered tv’s. It does have the older composite video also. I will probably use it to hook up to the robots we are building as an emergency portable monitor. In fact older computers with cga and ega video cards (antique by today’s terms) hook up great to this old units! We have a ega in our main robotics project. That will be nice so we do not have to carry so much stuff to robot wars venues.

I was looking back through my old posts and found that I kind of abandoned some topics. Maybe I can go back and continue those thoughts soon. Well it is lighting and thundering here so I have to go for now.