We became tired of mswindows seven and I needed to redo the hard drive anyway, so we installed Debian 5 aka “Lenny”. There was nothing to save on that machine. But since I had a brand new drive in it I wanted to backup some other systems. The main thing I wanted to back up was the web server. I had made a lot of changes since the last backup. You never want to lose all your hard work. I will not get into the details of which is the best program, but we use clonezilla. There are plenty of other fine programs. Once it is done, I will feel a whole lot better. Most home systems all you need to backup is your data. Though once you set up your computer. It would not hurt to make a full backup, so all the setups are saved and if the drive does go down, you will not to completely have to reinvent the wheel. See your computer guru for more details.

Had to change keyboards because certain letters were not typing. Things should be back to normal again. Yet with all that I still seem to have dyslexic fingers…..