People have been asking me what we have on our network, so here is what we wish we had.


I. Isp connection 1 – Buffalo router running tomato (wireless disabled).
A. Webserver
B. Laptop
C. Virtual game server
D. Network monitor

II Isp connection 2 – Ipcop firewall.
A. Web server.
B. Linksys router running dd-wrt (wireless disabled).
1. Cisco 24 port switch.
a. Standalone print server.
b. Nas running Debian.
c. Server running ubuntu – web(bixapps)/media/etc.
d. Various latops and desktops all running Linux.
e. Network management box.
f. Internal only Trixbox server.
g. Ip to analog based telephony devices.
2. Eop to LTSP server.
a. Switch.
i. Standalone printserver.
ii. Thin clients.
3. Virtual machine server (for reduction of other servers eventually).
4. Mythtv

III. Standalone open Airlink wireless router with standard firmware (Wireless enabled).
A. Honeypot.
B. Internally firewalled network monitor box.

IV. Standalone Summit 24 port switch
A. Drbl/Clonezilla cloning/file images server
B. Various machines to be cloned.

Or you could do graphically: